Migrate OpenMRS ID view templates to jade

Would anybody be opposed to migrating view templates in OpenMRS ID to jade from the current EJS? It’s a bit more concise…The other changes that might be worthwhile is migrating away from JS and favoring coffee-script – it’s way more concise :smiley:

I don’t want to make large changes like this without discussion prior – and this would be after we decide which changes we will accept and merge from the GCI work.

@elliott , @michael, @hannah – you have opinions for or against this?

What is the status of the GCI contribution pool for the project? There was some work done on this and we don’t want to lose it.

This is why I would hold off on doing this until we decide which work we will take…as I understand, we’re taking the best from all the contributions and combining them together…after we do that…I’ll manually convert the EJS to Jade. The workflow I envision would be merge in the current pull requests…ensure that it works…then I’ll branch off after all the GCI changes are merged in…this is probably far-off as @elliott’s semester is probably in full-swing at this point…if he needs help…I’m looking for stuff to do. I’m more than willing to look into merging them if I’m given that latitude…

Sounds great! Yeah, currently we need to process through the submissions and decide which we’re going to take for each ticket. Those then need to be merged together and have any rough edges cleaned up (visual consistency, etc.)

@r0bby, if you’d like to do some work on getting the GCI submissions compiled together, that’d be so awesome. I’d love to help out wherever I can, but yes the semester has me feeling like I can’t frequently dedicate a meaningful chunk of time :expressionless:

The only concern I have with Jade is that it’s quite a departure from standard HTML syntax, making it one more thing people have to learn before working on the Dashboard.

That said, Jade is increasingly common with Express-based apps and I’m okay with migrating to Jade but it should happen after we merge the GCI submissions and release ID Dashboard v2.1.

@elliott, If it helps, I’ll write a simple guide, jade is really just DRY HTML – HTML itself alone is rather repetitive…and have grown to love slim, haml and jade (jade is closer to slim than haml)…but before that happens we need to pull together the tickets.

I’ll work on merging the tickets for now – the jade conversion is months off…I would have applied to do it for GSoC but i’m no longer a student

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i plan on switching all ejs files to jade but will do it all at once.

I created ID-93 for this.

Migrating to CoffeScript sounds great!


Maybe this could be part of Google Summer of Code…if you’re a student…apply :smile:

Are you sure?) So,should it be a part? If so, we can discuss it :slight_smile:

There is a OpenMRS ID Dashboard improvements project listed on http://go.openmrs.org/soc2015. :slight_smile:

Its pretty large project :slight_smile: And also, I am urrently working on my proposes to another project )

It’s a fun one though but this part that I proposed is months away…definitely out of the scope of Google Summer of Code…however I can get behind Coffeescript – though ES6 seems to be becoming a thing that may be useful :smile:

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Yes, I made a thread for discussion…feel free to post there.

@approce, to be clear, conversion to jade it NOT in the scope of GSoC – I have work I need to do prior…it’s months off. All frontend views will continue to be written in EJS and I will likely rewrite them (or write a tool to do it) at a later date.

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