Lucene for Patient search


Is there any plan to introduce Lucene for Patient search? We have some requirements around searching across address fields/identifiers/names. Full text search capabilities around this would be great.


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Hi Shruthi,

This is not specifically on the roadmap, but it’s an obvious next step following on the fact that openmrs-core 1.11 added lucene searching of concepts (via hibernate-search, I think).

It would be awesome to have lucene-powered patient search across all the demographic-related fields (as a bonus, including the equivalent of the functionality that’s currently in the namephonetics module).

I imagine people would be happy to discuss what this might look like.

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Thanks Darius.

It would be great to implement this. When would be a good time to talk about this?


You already are talking about it, no? :wink:

Hi Shruthi,

Monday’s design call is cancelled since it’s a US holiday. Can you share a few bullet points about what the requirement is, and we can discuss on this thread? (And also, confirm that Using openmrs-core 1.11.x is feasible.)

Hey Darius,

We are on 1.10.x presently. This feature could be a compelling reason to switch to 1.11.x.

We need to enhance patient search to search by the following,

  1. By name
  2. By any of the address fields
  3. By patient identifier
  4. By patient attributes

Lucene sounds like a good option for implementing the above.



Hi everyone,

I have the need to implement search functionality for different fields of the patient in the patient search page. According to what you discussed, is this possible?, You already managed to implement that functionality?

I hope you can help me. Thanks

@frodriguezm17, as far as I know nothing actually happened as followup to this thread. (If it did, hopefully someone else can comment!)

hi @darius

I have the code in eclipse, ready to be modified, you think, can you help to add some field of the patient in the search?

Hi Shruthi, I am starting to work on drug order module allowing to order both individual drug order/s as well as drugs which are a part of a standard disease treatment plan. Here are the snapshots

Continuing the discussion from Feedback for UI design of Drug Order Entry module? (Order Sets?):

Could you please confirm if Bahmni is still using the 1.11x model ?

I was informed that a few months earlier. Since I am getting started with it now, just want to verify. Also, could you please suggest where do I start working from.