Login error with EMR UI on VM


I’ve just installed Bahmni VM to try and tackle some of the pending JIRA issues, installation was fine, but now I get an error when trying to login into EMR (I have no problems with logging into the other two).

Error reads: “There was an unexpected issue on the server. Please try again” and also “You are not authenticated or your session expired. Please login.” (also attaching a screenshot here).

I did a search and saw that people have had similar errors in the past, but only with newly created users (I’m using the admin credentials).

Hi @evadee, you will have to check what’s printed on the OpenMRS log file right when the error occurs. The file is at /opt/openmrs/openmrs.log on your VM.

Hi @mksd

The log can be found here: https://pastebin.com/QPGDC9AB

(I’ve followed the instructions from here: Login Page Not Loading)

Could you try to narrow this down to only what gets added to the log file when the error occurs. You could use something like this to identify the increment while replaying the symptom on the app:

tail -f -n 250 /opt/openmrs/openmrs.log

@evadee Looks like there is some issue with one of the OMODS. Can you check if you are able to access OpenMRS login screen. If yes can you go to Administration -> Manage Modules and check if all the modules have started.

@evadee, and for context it should look basically like what you see at https://demo-us.mybahmni.org/openmrs/admin/modules/module.list