Location Based Access Control - v0.1.0 Released

Many thanks @wyclif for all your support. I cannot thank you enough. We have more clarity now thanks to you.

To the great community also, cannot thank you all enough for all the great work as well.

Please we require urgent response to the following questions below

  1. it is possible to have Bahmni with location based access control using data filter module as a walkaround for a multi - practice /multi-tenant setup ? With all workflow designed remaining as-is? ( I don’t think LBAC module is ready to be used with Bahmni? Please correct me if I am wrong and do provide links and pointers to achieve this If possible with the LBAC module if possible)

" datafilter 1.x.x releases require OpenMRS 2.3.1 and above while 2.x.x versions require OpenMRS 2.4.0 and above"

  1. If 1 above is possible, how do we achieve Bahmni running on OpenMRS 2.3.1 or 2.4.0 ? Is it already done, tested and stable for production? If so , pointers and links to this would be of great help.

  2. Or do we need to ( seems to be the case ) engage a Bahmni service provider to achieve this custom setup?

Looking forward to your soonest revert

Please note this is not a question for Wyclif per se but to the whole community.

Thanks again for all the great work.

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OpenMRS 2.3.x versions have been around for a little while so they should be stable

Thanks so much Boss. Cant say how much i appreciate you.

Now i just have to figure out a way to setup Bahmni with OpenMRS 2.3.1 atleast.


@banji note that upgrading Bahmni’s OpenMRS Core version will be necessary but not sufficient.

There’s a known issue with Bahmni. That is: a large part of its backend is not leveraging Hibernate ORM, and instead shortcuts it to perform direct SQL queries to access data. This defeats Data Filter in many places, making it overall unreliable with Bahmni :disappointed:

This is not an issue with other OpenMRS-based distributions, in particular this is not an issue with OpenMRS 3.

Many thanks for this @mksd

In this regard I might have to go with Ozone HIS

Please ive sent multiple requests to your ozone website regarding this please kindly get back on this asap please. Thanks alot

@banji thanks, we had an issue with our SMTP servers and long story short I had to unearth your email, but I found it. I’ll connect in private in the next few days.

Another thing, is it 100% clear to you that in the context of an HIS like Ozone, data filtering will only apply to EMR data. There is no such segregation within the other components of the HIS (eg. Odoo, SENAITE, etc)?

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Yes I understand, that is absolutely clear