Load ICD-10 in spanish for diagnostics

Our institution is required to use ICD-10 (spanish) for all diagnostics, and as we are planning to enter all the past patients we need to have all standarized. I have a .csv file with only 2 columns: 1 - ICD-10 code, and 2 - ICD disease name in spanish. How can I use this file for diagnostics? I’m attaching the file in case it could be useful for other community members. ICD_10_Esp.txt (927.4 KB)

Hi @german2209, and welcome to the OpenMRS community.

Your best bet is for providers to interface directly with the concept dictionary rather than a reference terminology. Basically, you would need OpenMRS dictionary concepts for each ICD10 code that you might use. You could start with the CIEL dictionary, which already has many ICD10 codes as well as lots of Spanish names/translations. If you’re using the Reference App, you can search for diagnosis based on their reference terminology (ICD10 code) for example.

For more info see… https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/docs/The+MVP-CIEL+Concept+Dictionary

@akanter can likely provide you with more info.

Hope this helps.

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Our practice is to map only what you are actively using … try out the CIEL dictionary and then you can request for new mappings or terms to be used

Also are you implemeting Bhamni?

The points being made are correct. Clinicians do not speak in ICD-10. CIEL provides clinically-friendly terms which have the correct level of granularity… such as multiple myeloma rather than “Other diseases of blood and blood-forming organs”. CIEL then maps all diagnosis terms to ICD-10-WHO. We have lots of Spanish translations. Your file might have strange encoding (I don’t see the accepts properly in my viewer). But my guess is that they are already there. You can search maternalconceptlab.com to see (search by ICD-10 code or term)