Let's consider using bintray for our maven repo

It shouldn’t be a problem for established projects as ours.

You can configure repos in module poms or globally for your system in settings.xml. If you are using the SDK, it configures repos for your system when you call setup-sdk.

Yes, our Maven Repo can be easily made read-only once we are ready for the switch.

Anyways, now after emptying the trash and disabling proxy for maven central we can migrate at our own pace. Thanks @r0bby!

@ibewes, it’s unquestionable it helps to have a single repo for OpenMRS modules. Currently it’s mavenrepo.openmrs.org and modules.openmrs.org, but as we grow I’d like to make it easier for people and publish all artifacts to Bintray under openmrs org at https://bintray.com/openmrs

Rafal answered this, but to be more direct: keep doing what you’ve been doing. We still want module developers to deploy to the OpenMRS maven repository.

(At some point in the medium term, we’ll shift to using bintray, but you’ll be amply informed about what to do when this happens.)


All good news, thanks @raff!

Thanks @raff and @darius for the clarification.

Not, really. I can’t say we’ll hang onto everything forever…

Hey guys, just to let you know, we are about to sponsor a full Artifactory Cloud instance for selected OSS projects, not only an account on oss.jfrog.org (that’s for SNAPSHOTs and development process). We are finalizing the process now, but if you want to start today, you can go ahead and start a trial and I’ll make sure to convert it to the free account once we have the process finalized and your project approved.


@jbaruch, that sounds awesome! I think we would definitely be interested in this, but I also think it might take us some time to think about shifting from our self-hosted nexus to there.

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No prob at all, take your time. I am, of course, more than happy to answer any questions you have and help with the migration.


@jbaruch, thank you! Do you have a hard limit on how much storage we get?

I’m signing us up and gonna look at it. Worst case we can torpedo it.

I set up openmrs.jfrog.io with the email of infrastructure AT openmrs DOT org.

And we’re up – that was fast! Provisioned on AWS – pretty quickly!


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@r0bby, could you please share a bit more details about openmrs.jfrog.io?

Wow, you’re fast. Keep that trial open for now, it’s fully operational, so go ahead and put it to use! We’re working on the procedure of migrating it to a permanent opensource free server. Please let me know (by email to jbaruch@jfrog.com) when it is about to expire so I’ll know to extend the trial if we won’t be ready in a month.

Re the cap, we’ll do our best to accommodate your storage and bandwidth requirements (in sane limits, of course :smiley:) . Can you please give me an estimate? I understood you have a lot of snapshots that you don’t really need, will having the last 8 be enough? If so, we’ll establish a cleanup for snapshots, so take that into account for your estimate.


Emptying the trash of old snapshots…it’s about 11-13GB total

The old snapshots are 11-13GB or what’s left is 11-13 GB?

I’m no longer on the infra team. Hopefully others can help out with this. But yeh – total our Nexus Repo is about that size. It DID bloat to almost 70GB at one point…if the old snapshots aren’t purged from the trash directory…it tends to grow at an insane rate.

Got it, so now it’s about 11–13, after deleting the snapshots. What about the bandwidth?

I’m not sure…I left before we got centralized logging/analytics via the ELK stack…I do know that a lot of the community uses it…

@jbaruch, I’m in the process of evaluating openmrs.jfrog.io for OpenMRS purposes.

I’d be happy to provide you with the bandwidth details you requested. As @r0bby mentioned we haven’t monitored that before with any external tooling, but maybe there is a way to get that out of Nexus? If yes, then let me know where to look for that.

I wonder if there is any integration between openmrs.jfrog.io and Bintray. For example it would be great to see artifacts published to openmrs.jfrog.io under https://bintray.com/openmrs/maven. Is it possible to use the same credentials for Bintray and openmrs.jfrog.io?

We should probably consider adding an acknowledgement here: http://openmrs.org/about/support/.

And probably remove the text which says that the list is in alphabetical order. :smile: