Jira Issue Curation

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Well, closing tickets has the advantage of being able to maintain a ticket list for that module without hiding the project (which makes things even worse if we do actually need work done on them).

Here’s a quick dashboard to answer that. The top two are unsurprising:

  • Core
  • Ref App

(Oddly, BIRT is # 13 in most unresolved tickets :slight_smile: )

So, the goal here is to make it clearer which issues need to be worked on, but also to make it possible to identify existing projects and ideas that we may want to pursue but which need additional information.

The real problem I see is not “there are too many tickets”, but more that nobody is maintaining the back log and that it’s gotten to a point where useful stuff is being lost in the noise. I’m not saying we need to close anything. Instead, what we need to do IMO is:

  1. figure out how we can most effectively use people’s time to review the back log
  2. figure out what practices we can adopt to try to keep the back log maintained, given the constraints of the OpenMRS community

I’m up for that.

Sounds good - thanks everyone for moving this forward!