Issue with UI of OpenMRS Board in JIRA

The list that is being is shown in the OpenMRS Board Page in JIRA seems to be glitched.

Attached screenshot:-

Cheers :smiley:

Hi @bisht13, can you describe the glitch that you notice in a bit more detail( maybe its just me but I’m unable to notice the bug :smile:) ?

@reubenv oh I guess I wasn’t clear. So basically when you are on the page , when you try to scroll down the static bar (containing “In Curation”, “To Do” etc), it gets misaligned causing the moving list visible just above it.

I’ve added a screenshot for better explaination. :wink:

Hi @bisht13

I have replied here.

@suthagar23 alright :blush: though the zoom was in default (100%) on my desktop. I understand the fact that it’s Atlassian JIRA, and that it would require filing a support ticket there, tracking it etc.

Thank you for looking into it though :smiley:

thanks for being keen @bisht13