Introducing Open Concept Lab for distributions

Hi @sletchford, the work is progressing as planned and we aim to launch publicly in November after the bulk of the development work is completed. I will post an update here in a couple of weeks with more info. Thank you!

@paynejd - thanks. Wonderful to hear. Will be a great asset. Steve

@paynejd - checking in to see how this key initiative is progressing and what the updated target dates are. Thanks, Steve

@paynejd - checking to see what the update is on this key work. Thanks!

@paynejd and @darius - great work to you and your teams on the progress on OCL as a tool for managing terminology. Looking forward to the coming upgrades on the OCL subscription module for syncing with released CIEL updates.

@akanter - could you comment on if / how OCL may (or may not) one day play a role for users to propose new concepts / synonyms for future CIEL releases?

Thanks all for making the benefits of clean clinical data at the grassroots an achievable dream for many. Steve

That is certainly the idea, Steve. First, we need to monitor and manage the CIEL content on OCL, then we would allow for proposals to be viewed and adjudicated and assigned CIEL concept IDs. Right now, we need to get more people over to using OCL to obtain the content while emailing for new concept proposals and questions.

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@akanter thanks! Very helpful update.

@raff / @darius / @paynejd,

I was looking for information on status of this project and came across this thread. I see that the Reference Application collection appears to exist in a live version of OCL, and that there is a tagged 2.6 version, which maps to the most recent major release of the refapp. Can you confirm that this was used to package up concepts within the latest refapp release?

What is the general status of OCL as something that organizations could consider trying to migrate to as a means for supporting overall concept management and creation, for packaging up collections within their own distributions, and for subscribing to changes and receiving updates into live systems? Is there significant work remaining for this to be possible? Is it possible today?

Thanks very much, Mike

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@raff / @darius / @paynejd / @akanter - pinging on this. Can you point me in the direction of where to find more information on the status of this work?

Thanks, MIke

Hi Mike,

I can give you an update on this – and sorry for the slow reply

We have just finished moving OCL over to OpenMRS servers, which significantly improved stability, and @raff, Maurya, and engineers from Apelon have made some improvements so that organizations like PIH can use it for metadata management. For the specific features you mentioned:

  • OCL is ready to go for management of concepts and mappings – back end functionality is there, though the UI still needs work
  • The repository versioning and export API can be used to package up specific versions of collections for distributions and can be fully automated through the API
  • Subscribing to changes is only somewhat supported – there is no atom feed, but you can use a lastUpdated flag to filter – if you’re wanting to subscribe to an OCL repository using OpenMRS, you may be able to use the OCL Subscription Module, which periodically grabs a full export (not the diff) and keeps your local OMRS up-to-date without overwriting local concepts – will need to follow up with @raff on the status of the subscription module

So, you could start using OCL today if it meets your requirements. The primary use case we are working towards with PEPFAR is actually using OCL as more of a back-end with scripts in OpenHIM automating synchronization of many sets of metadata between DHIS2 and OCL and publishing the metadata on OCL for distribution.

back-end functionality would meet all or most of your current requirements, but that there would be some User Interface work that you’d like to see completed (or that you could contribute to) to improve the concept management experience.

Let me know if you’d like to jump on a call to discuss further or if other questions

Finally, I do not think that OCL was used to package up the concepts for the refapp, but would need to ask @raff

Thanks, Jon

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Thanks Jonathan for the update! Does the current back end functionality have a REST layer on top of it? Am asking because we have a number of developers from Andela who have been into user interfaces that talk to the back end via REST. We are currently assigning them work that is of the highest priority to the community.

@raff do you have any response to the issues that @paynejd referred to you above?

OCL is planned to be used for the refapp concepts management. There was an issue in OCL export code, which prevented us from using it. I may have fixed it as a side effect of my recent work in OCL, which I need to verify. I am planning to move the refapp to OCL within a month, but most likely merge it after RA 2.7 release so it is properly tested and released with RA 2.8.

I haven’t used the subscription module for a while. I recently heard about a connection issue with the latest OCL, which needs to be fixed. The module will be used by the refapp to install concepts from an ocl export bundled with RA (offline) and then you can set it up to get updates (online).

Dear @paynejd how can Uganda also benefit from this.

The MoH - Uganda has just mentioned to its stakeholders that they are interested in coding their HMIS and the way forward is to use CEIL and ICD-10


Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for your question and I would be happy to speak with you about how OCL might be able to support the work that you are doing. As a starting point, I would recommend looking at how the Ethiopia Ministry of Health modeled its HMIS definitions and National Classification of Diseases within OCL:

NCoD is a subset of about 2,000 ICD-10 terms that are relevant in the Ethiopia context.

Could you let us know a little bit more about your use case? How are HMIS indicators defined? Does Uganda use a subset of CEIL or ICD-10 already? Is there a central body that governs how standards are used? We can also jump on a call if helpful.

Thanks! Jon

Can we also schedule a meeting in Malawi to discuss in person? I don’t think @paynejd is attending, but we can certainly get a bunch of people together to discuss in depth.

@akanter - thanks. Wish I was going to be there. Am guessing this may not be possible, but if there is anyway to record some / all of the discussion on this, I would love to watch it when it is over. Totally understand if not possible. @whiscard should be there as part of our team.

Hi, just wanted to check if OCL supports internationalisation. And, if so - which locales are currently supported?

Are you referring to the user interface or the content? Content already has multiple locales in the CIEL data. From the UI perspective, its only English.

Thanks @akanter. I was referring to the UI as well as locales for concepts. Your response was helpful