Introducing a Platform Team for OpenMRS

As demands on the OpenMRS Platform grow, we need a more coordinated approach to handling Platform issues (prioritizing bug fixes, feature requests) and building a road map for the Platform. To this end, we are introducing the Platform Team with weekly meetings to focus on OpenMRS Platform needs. If you are willing to roll up your sleeves and help advance the OpenMRS Platform, please join us.


  • Robust & reliable APIs to support OpenMRS solutions, using an increasingly modular architecture that can scale as needed while preserving the benefits of administering a monolithic application.


  • Review backlog and set priorities for Platform issues (bugs, new features, etc.)
  • Bring major decisions to the Technical Action Committee to set the overall strategy and roadmap for the OpenMRS Platform
  • Coordinate Platform-specific efforts across the community

Weekly Meeting Time

Who can join?

  • Anyone in the OpenMRS community interested in helping move us toward our vision.


  • OpenMRS Core + Database
    • Application administration
      • Metadata & module management
      • Backend Support for Frontend Framework
    • Triaging/prioritizing Platform needs for the community

Out of Scope:

  • Frontend applications
  • Vertical- or Implementation-specific solutions

/cc @mseaton, @ibacher, @mksd, @jennifer, @grace @burke @mogoodrich @ssmusoke @fruether


Thanks @dkayiwa. When we spoke last week, I think we decided Wednesday at 17:00 UTC may be too late in the day for many, so instead chose Mondays at 13:00 UTC (the hour before the TAC calls). I updated your post accordingly.

/cc @moshon

@burke i noticed that Mondays at 13:00 UTC conflicts with the PM calls.

Ah. Let’s sort this out on Slack #platform and then bring the decision on call timing back here.

Well FWIW I’m hoping we can move our PM call time to Tuesdays at 10ET / 5pm EAT but need to check with the PM team about that.

@dkayiwa thanks so much for kicking off this thread - this is a much needed effort and has my full enthusiasm and support!! :tada: :tada:

@dkayiwa, since you discovered the conflict with the PM call thisweek, I assume we are meeting today at the next hour (15:00 UTC)? I’ll share this assumption in #platform (on Slack) as well.

Thanks @grace. Please let us know if/when that changes.

My mother in law was discharged from hospital yesterday and i drove her back to the village for over 350km. By the time i got back home, it was too late!


I’m glad to hear your mother in law was discharged!

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Bless you, @dkayiwa. I hope she is doing well.

Will we plan on a kickoff meeting next Wednesday (30 June) at 17:00 UTC?

FYI – I tried to prepare some content for us at

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Hope she recovers at godspeed.

Lombok in Platfrom

Though commonly used in Fhir2 module , is it necessary to introduce Lombok in platform as a general standard for newer non-transient objects / object properties in components / modules were necessary . I may have missed out on it ,but I have not come across it’s usage .

This could move side by side with the ongoing migration from Hibernate to JPA or Spring - JPA

@dkayiwa, when you are back online, please confirm our kickoff meeting for Platform Team will be on Wednesday, 30 June, at 17:00 UTC. I’ve added this to, but would be happy to change if needed.

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Yes it is confirmed!

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Thanks @dkayiwa for initiating this effort.

Recently I tried out the docker project specifically for platform and I ran into this issue where I noticed @dkayiwa proposed filing a ticket (Not sure if this was done).

May be this is more of the task for the INFRA team so I am tagging @cintiadr @ibacher @raff @mksrom and @mozzy seeing you recently commited to the project

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Assessing the pros and cons that you have found with its usage in the fhir2 module, together with this: Lombok is awesome. Be careful with that. | Level Up Coding, will guide us in regards to the way forward.


That was fixed by @mogoodrich in the rest webservices module.

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Good news though. :+1:

Makes sense!