Initializer module artifact not found by Maven

I’m trying to include the Initializer module in my distribution. Maven can’t find the Initializer module in the openmrs repositories. I hear that this means it needs to be integrated into the OpenMRS CI so that artifacts for it are deployed to those repositories.

@mksd @mksrom , is that indeed what has to happen? How can we go about making that happen?

Hi @bistenes,

Happy to read that you’re showing interest in Initializer. I’d be curious to know how you got there and what use case you are willing to get covered?

In fact Initializer is not yet a community module and is not released yet through the community channels. This is why you didn’t find it on OpenMRS’ Maven repo. Should you want to depend on it you will need to point to our Nexus repo for the time being. You’ll find all the necessary info through an example like this one.

(Note that other groups showing interest in this module would be the opportunity to accelerate its transition to becoming a community module.)

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