Initialising a dataset

The tests didn’t fail but rather the imports can’t seem to be found

So i added the scope in the main pom as here but without much success yet. @dkayiwa

Then you probably did more than i said. If you only added scope as provided to a dependency that did not have scope at all, it should not result into any compilation error.

I have done your suggestion here…imports are fine now.

Can you now confirm that on compiling your module, the omod’s lib folder does not have any webservicerest jars?

@dkayiwa I only found the aijar.jar in this path D:\ugandaEMR\openmrs-module-aijar\omod\target\aijar-3.0.2-SNAPSHOT\lib. Is this folder you meant?

Unzip the compile omod and look in the lib folder.

huh :thinking: which software unzips .omod ?

@dkayiwa I have succeded to unzip it and there is only the aijar-jar in the lib folder

Are all your changes committed?

@dkayiwa Yes they are…

Can you now compile, install that module, restart OpenMRS and tell us what happens?

@dkayiwa I still hung at EhCache…

This must be the source of the problem:

You should not access Context.getAdministrationService() like that. Do it in a method.

Thanks @dkayiwa Let me try it out and see.

Finally…Thanks @dkayiwa That solved it.