initial setup/implementation issues----help required

Hello I am having following issues…

  1. change the name of the institution–can’t find where to go/click to change it
  2. change the registration-search webpage- want to remove the field with marathi and also change the rural ward
  3. delete all old patients
  4. how to remove local language option from registration page
  5. add address hierarchy for Madhya Pradesh (like for chattisgarh its there)
  6. where to change the data for reg card for printing
  7. Clear old accounts (pre-entered with fresh install) and entries.
  8. where to set fees amount for different events like consulation/xrays/dressings

and many more to come as I try to do through the product. Sorry for troubling you all.

Hello Puneet,

Thanks for asking these questions! Most questions around configuration of Bahmni for a hospital / organization are answered and documented in the Implementers Guide. Link here:

Can you please refer to the above, and see what all looks suitable to you, and also directly put comments in the Wiki in case you feel something could be better explained / missing?

Some links that might help you:

Address Hierarchy Configuration:

Introduction to Configuration:

Registration Page configurations

Fresh Database With regards to starting fresh, you will need to reset the DB. I have posted a question on your behalf here, so that someone from Bahmni team can answer:

Cost configuration in OpenERP/Odoo With regards to fees for xRays, consultation, etc. They are all setup as Products (flagged as Service) in OpenERP/Odoo. You can go into OpenERP screens and change the cost values (Sales menu, Products option on the left nav bar). This might help:

*Reg Card Printing works using this file: * The print template is configured in the “registration” sub-folder. See this:

In your installation, the file should be in the following location: /var/www/bahmni_config

I hope this helps.

Regards Gurpreet

Thanks Gurdeep for fast reponse. but I am not a techie guy but a orthopaedic surgeon and not versed with coding/programming/terminal usage. I have gone through the Wiki Pages already and I would say that its difficult to understand and implement the changes adviced in the Wiki for a person not associated with programming. Is there any wizard/step-by-step installation process which could just simplify the whole process for a non programming-oriented person.

Hi Puneet, Unfortunately Bahmni has not reached a point where (although we would like to get there by end of this year) whereby someone non-techie can completely setup a working system using step-by-step wizard. The way Bahmni works as of today, you will need to hire an implementer (not developer) for setting up Bahmni for you. Thats why the wiki links sent to you earlier points to implementer’s guide who should be able to carry out those steps.

Do let us know if we can help in any other way.

Hi @vsingh @gsluthra Thanks for the info and help… I just want to know if either of you could help me implement it… You can ssh in the server and do the needful. Secondly if I was to hire an implementer, what would it cost me (approx.)??


Thank you for the feedback. Is it possible for you to find someone who has “implementer” experience in EMRs / software? Alternatively, you can maybe get some smart Computer Science graduates to help you with configuration? It isn’t very difficult for “techies”. You will eventually need technical assistance for Bahmni (in terms of maintenance / enhancements), so it will be good to identify such a local support person.

Regards Gurpreet

Hi Puneet,

I belong to Nuchange Informatics. We offer professional Bahmni implementation and Support services. We have been involved with Thoughtworks to implement Bahmni at several hospitals in India, Nepal and Bangladesh. Please share me your email address via OpenMRS Talk private message. I look forward to further discussing how we could work together and setup Bahmni at your hospital.

Thanks and Regards, Arun Paul

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Hi Arun

Please contact via private message here on OpenMRS Talk to get my email address.

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Hi Puneet,

Could you send me your email address as private message.

Thanks, Arun