I have created the 1.12.x branch in openmrs-core (off of 1.11.x)

I have created the 1.12.x branch in openmrs-core (off of 1.11.x)

The purpose of this branch is so that the Bahmni team (and others who may be interested) can implement some new features around order entry such as drug orders for non-coded drug names (and presumably around order sets and order groups).

Any code that is committed here must also be forward-ported to the master branch.

FYI @shruthidipali

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Thanks Darius!

But assumedly there will be a 1.12 release based on this branch? So when backporting bug fixes to 1.9.x, 1.10.x, 1.11.x, we should now backport to 1.12.x as well?

Yes, when backporting from the master branch, fixes also need to backported to 1.12.x.

Does this also mean when we fix something in master then we can only back port to 1.12.x and 1.11.x since we when releasing 1.12.0, 1.10.x would have reached end of life?

No. Until we actually release any new version, the supported versions are the same. So generally new fixed should still be backported as far as 1.9.x, until the next actual version release.

Should we be adding a 1.12.x branch build to CI?

Yes we should. This page needs to be updated to reflect that: https://wiki.openmrs.org/x/Xw0z#ReleaseProcess-PriortoAlphaRelease

@shruthidipali I should have mentioned this earlier, but you all on the Bahmni team should take ownership of some of the standard processes that need to happen for a release branch (e.g. changing pom.xml to reflect the new version number). Please take a look at the link, and let us know if you’ve got any questions. :slight_smile:

Hey Dairus,

A few questions about 1.12.x. release.

The roadmap has just free text drug orders marked for 1.12.x. Is there anything else that would be going into this release?

Also, we just started implementing order sets and we were hoping to have the MVP version of it implemented on 1.12.x. We hope to showcase the first bit of the implementation on a design call soon. Since it would be a while before this would be fully implemented, is it possible to do a first release of 1.12.x only with free text drug orders and another one for order sets?

And lastly, Is the Release Prioritization Meeting the right place to ask these questions? :smile:

Hi Shruthi,

This is an unusual release because we’re adding it “extra” to the release schedule so that your team has a place to work on new order-related functionality. So I was assuming that you’d do free text drug orders, order sets, and order groups, before we actually release it. (We just added the one thing to the Technical Road Map wiki page on Monday during the PM call because we realized we needed some placeholder there, but the theory is that Platform 1.12.x will contain all the order-related functionality that you all implement in some short timeframe.)

That said, this could create some process problems, and before we go too far, let’s consider whether there are other options that would work better. One option would be that (instead of doing this as a “1.12.x” branch with the intention of having this be a formal release) the Bahmni team could create a temporary branch/fork that is exactly equivalent (i.e. it branches off of 1.11.x, and all code must be applied both here and to master) and use this until the features are done. The difference is that you’d have full control to do point releases whenever you want, but ultimately the features don’t show up in an official OpenMRS release until Platform 2.0. (You could achieve the same effect by just releasing alpha1, alpha2, etc of the 1.12.x branch when you need point releases.

About the Release Prioritization meeting, when should we do this? How about next Monday during the design call time?