how to delete existing adress data

Hi guys

I am trying to upload CSV of my country address to Manage Address Hierarchy in adminUI. but some column were incorrect so i tried to upload it again. The problem is I think that the 2 data were mixing (and after upload it said that server is error but I saw that it uploaded already because some data showup in Manage Address Hierarchy page) but I don’t know how to know that (because it doesn’t show anywhere what data is inside) and don’t know how to delete it. I think the best way is to delete all of it and I just uploaded new file.

Thanks for your time Pi

Hi @zacrify,[quote=“zacrify, post:1, topic:11899”] The problem is I think that the 2 data were mixing [/quote]

Did you check Overwrite Existing Hierarchy box before uploading CSV file. This usually overrides the existing address hierarchy with your address hierarchy. Otherwise you can delete the existing hierarchy and then upload yours. But in either of the case you should check the Overwrite Existing Hierarchy box unless you really need both the hierarchies.

Please follow the steps mentioned in this Bahmni talk thread to delete the address hierarchy.