How to deal with DRUG ALLERGY in Bahmni?

Hi folks I have been searching for drug allergy field for days but did not find it anywhere in Bahmni.

Anyone could help me figure this out? Giving me a guide how to deal with it.

Thanks Pi

Hi @zacrify, Can you please talk more about your use case scenario? Is it about capturing the Patient Allergic reactions to different drugs for Doctor to be informed before prescribing drugs?

@swathivarkala Yes, it is

I would suggest Bahmni Conditions feature on Diagnosis can be used to capture the Allergic Reactions of Patient for specific drugs. As the condition entry is free text / auto populate it can be used for this scenario.

Please let us know if it helps.

@swathivarkala I did try as you recommend but I’m not sure how this will help doctor alert about drug that cannot prescribe to patient since it won’t appear on Medication tab

I would like something that be very noticing during prescribing drugs.(in Medication tab) probably it would be great if Bahmni can alert when doctor prescribing drug that cause allergic reaction to patient. (if it can notify again in openerp, this would be much better for double check)

but if it cannot, something like showing list of drugs on top like this will help as well.


Automatic alert for a drug if the patient is allergic to it is somethings that’s not available. But the Conditions are visible to Doctor on Patient Diagnostic page irrespective of visit/encounter hence any time before prescribing Doctor can refer there. This is not developed for this use case specially but it is work around for it.

it is not possible to do that.

Thanks for your quick response @swathivarkala

As a doctor, I concerned about this very much. I saw an allergies tab in OpenMRS and it works quite well. Are there any plan to making this feature in the future?

@zacrify, as of now there are no plans of this feature in near future. Please refer to the changes in Bahmni Operations in Darius Post.

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