How is pharmacy managed in OpenMRS

How is pharmacy managed with OpenMRS. For example if a patient is prescribed a drug, and he chooses to get that drug from the the pharmacy in the same hospital, how does OpenMRS, handle this. Is there a module for this? The implementers guide did not tell me what to do here and i have not found a pharmacy module in the module repository.

Maybe this answer I gave on a different thread is helpful:

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I wonder if is in any way helpful!

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Does it have any end user documentation you can point him to?

no documentation so-far, we shall have that later-on, installing the compiled module and playing around with it would still help @ivange94 to know whether it is what he needs

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thanks @k_joseph i will try it out and see if that works for what i want to do. :smile:

I cloned and built the module, but it could not run saying it depends on org.openmrs.module.mohappointment 0.0.7. I could not find that dependency on the modules repo. But i found a git repo, ( After cloning this dependency, building with mvn clean install gives a bunch of errors.

Sorry, i think you needed to install two other modules mohtracportal and mohappointment. Any way, you can test the module from using the normal openmrs admin demo account

How do I build the packages to on github? i am not exactly a Java programmer, though I can figure things out.

how does a non Java person get out of the Jam of building the modules?

Have you completed the pharmacy module,I am looking for it.Can you share your server url,so I can have look at it. thanks

we are working on the pharmacy module, we took already developed module from github repository developed by Hariniparth located here.

we are trying to adding webservices for it to make it available for openmrs community.But we are not finding some good resources for adding webservices to existing module.Can someone help and guide for this.


I am brand new to the openMRS community but I was advised to check out the pharmacy module. I am helping a small palliative care clinic in Malawi with a digital upgrade of their pharmacy. I am looking for stock / inventory management and dispensing at patent level. The clinic has home visits as well as out reaches where medication supply also takes place. They are also interested in barcode scanning. How can openMRS support the clinic to achieve their goals? Thanks, Julia

Which version of openmrs are you using?


I am brand new to OpenMRS … ideally looking for the version that enables my organization to achieve their goals with better stock inventory and safer supply of meds at patient level.



We have an openmrs module here in rwanda which is doing pharrmacy management ( from stock to distribution pharmacy then to patient). ( I can send to you a documentation through email if needed. my email is

Bahmni has a Pharmacy module along with fully functional inventory management and stock management. You can read more about it here, here and here. If you have any specific requirements, we can provide implementation of Bahmni or integrate Odoo with OpenMRS for your specific needs.

Hi Akhil,

Would you be able to help with setting up/ configuring drug dictionary (rxnorm) and potentially scanning of meds at point supplying to patients or when receiving them into the central store in Malawi?

Please respond in private:

Best regards,

Julia Bognar

We can definitely help you with setting up RxNorm and barcode scanning for drug dispensation as well as during stock receipt at the central store.

I have sent you an email.