How can one delete a wiki page?

I was working on this ticket “Update references to Global Properties in the wiki”, so i had created a page but was later advised to improve the existing page. I wanted to delete the one i had created. Can someone help me? this is the page i want to be deleted Thanks

Move the page to be a child of this page. We do batch deletes of pages moved there.

Updated: see @burke’s post below.

Thanks @pascal

can i do the same for a page in the “Documentation” space?

I updated the To Be Deleted page to use labels to ease curation (e.g., all of the pages that were listed had already been deleted). Now, simply labeling a page with the delete-page should suffice.

Note that prior to marking a page for deletion, to avoid breaking links in the wiki you should check the page information for any incoming links and, if they exist, edit those pages to remove links to the page that you want to delete. I’ve added this note to the To Be Deleted page as well.

The To Be Deleted page will list all pages labeled with delete-page across all spaces.