How can an Admin Change a User's Password?

@irindu, have you read the Acceptance Criteria section of the ticket?

These give a clear description of what you’re supposed to do in this ticket.

(Note that #4 describes creating another followup ticket about improving on the workflow, to allow for self-resetting, with an email address.)

Thank you Mr Darius for the reply, actually I read all of them and came into this open talk from the link below :slight_smile: , I still have a few questions and also the demo is still not working in my country So it is hard for me to understand the requirements without the demo, I’ve downloaded the reference application can you help me reproduce what demo produces with the reference application?

for example can you help me reproduce with the reference application

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  1. “System Administration”
  2. “Manage Accounts”
  3. click on any of the rows

Thank you very much Mr Darius, This is how it looks right now

isn’t this what you requested in terms of GUI

Yes, this is what we are asking for in

Thank you very much Mr Darius, Hoping to deliver as soon as possible, can you please help me with gaining the background knowledge to implement this, I am new to your code base and the reference PDF contains all the materials but it would be much easier for me if some one who already experienced in the code base can point me where to look specifically. would you Mr Darius or anyone else who was working on this can kindly help me with that ?

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Now I understand what the user requirements are, Once the users request a password rest I need to implement a way for the Administrator to reset their password and generate a random password and display that in Administrators UI, From the understanding I have so far about the project I have to implement a OpenMRS Reference Application Module with this functionality and more specifically I need to create a module of type openmrs-module-adminui module or do I have to create a module and add it to openmrs-module-adminui, am I on right path, please kindly correct me if I am wrong

You need to add an additional feature to an existing page in the Admin UI module, which is at

The specific page in question is:

And the link you need to add is within this fragment that is included in that page (or maybe nested within another fragment inside this one):

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Hi @darius, i have started work on this ticket. I understand that i have to add a reset password button to the userDetails/userTabContentPane fragment in the adminui module which i did. Now i want to add a controller action function for the reset password button which i think should go into userDetails.js. Once this resetPassword button is clicked, i need to generate a random password(should this part be done in js or in the backend?). Also i need access to the backend api which will allow me to set the password to the new randomly generated value and also set the “Is Supposed To Change Password” to “Yes”.(can u guide me on how i can achieve this? i see other functions in the same controller using the User scope to do so.)