HFE: EncounterProviderAndRole tag filtering by UserRoles

Great, thanks @mddubey! Looks good to me!

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hello @dkayiwa @mogoodrich i have been working on the provider management card that @mddubey created, i created a maven sub-module depending on 2.0,introduced the PersonNameCompatibility that is implemented by conditionally loaded beans ie PersonNameCompatibility2_0 when running platform 2.x that traces NameSupport.class in core via org.openmrs.layout.name.NameSupport and PersonNameCompatibility1_9 when running platform 1.9.* that traces NameSupport.class in core via org.openmrs.layout.web.name.NameSupport.

Though for some reason the the UI of the provider management is still throwing the same error.Not sure what i could have missed here .


Since the problem comes from just one class PersonNameFragmentController and the method call is just on one line, i find it easier to simply load the NameSupport class via reflection, than adding a new sub module and all its related changes.

thanks @dkayiwa ,let me do that