HFE: EncounterProviderAndRole tag filtering by UserRoles

Great, thanks @mddubey! Looks good to me!

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hello @dkayiwa @mogoodrich i have been working on the provider management card that @mddubey created, i created a maven sub-module depending on 2.0,introduced the PersonNameCompatibility that is implemented by conditionally loaded beans ie PersonNameCompatibility2_0 when running platform 2.x that traces NameSupport.class in core via org.openmrs.layout.name.NameSupport and PersonNameCompatibility1_9 when running platform 1.9.* that traces NameSupport.class in core via org.openmrs.layout.web.name.NameSupport.

Though for some reason the the UI of the provider management is still throwing the same error.Not sure what i could have missed here .


Since the problem comes from just one class PersonNameFragmentController and the method call is just on one line, i find it easier to simply load the NameSupport class via reflection, than adding a new sub module and all its related changes.

thanks @dkayiwa ,let me do that

hello everyone currently workingon the above ticket, i made some changes in the config.xml of the omod file using the conditional resource tag but it didnt solve the problem

so i opted for java reflections as suggested by @dkayiwa in the above thread so as load the class but could not get how to call the loaded class constructor in the model.addAttribute()

been trying out mostof the methods to see if i can use the object togetInstance() constructor into the model.AddAttribute() but i get method undefined in the type class error. i kindly ask for anyone to help me point me to the right direction or if i am missing somthing

these are the changes so far PROV-103

here is the ticket in question ticket: PROV-103

I put a comment on the ticket.