Harvesting the Back-end Api Functionality for Growth Charts into Reff App

Following the disccusion About creating Tickets for harvesting features into reff-app, i will need more clarification about harvesting the Backend Api Functionality for the Growth Charts. See Ticket for harvesting the backend-Api Functionality. I’ll need to harvest certain methods from the isante-plus service , which doesnt exist in our reff ap. The following functions and their implementation need to be harvested from the isante-plus service class ie

  • getPatientBMIsAcrossAnAgeDifference()
  • getHeightsAtGivenPatientAges()
  • getWeightsAtGivenPatientAges()
  • getHeadCircumferenceAtGivenPatientAges()

The following issues need to be defined clearly

  • Which module would be more suitable to contain the backend functionality ?

  • Would i need to created a new service class for this functionality ?? what would be the best suitable name for the new service class?? Or else …

  • what existing service class would be best to contain this new functionality ??

cc @dev2 @dev3 @dev4 @dev5 @c.antwi @ball


To give A little details on how the feature will work, After Logging in the reff-app,

  • you’ll seach the patient , and go to the patient dashboard and acces the “Growth curve” link

On the Growth chart page, there will be two tabs. one for the WHO growth charts and another for the CDC growth charts

Then under each of the tabs you can acces the patient Growth curves , as per WHO standards for WHO charts and as per the CDC standards for CDC charts ,

Hi @ball , Can you confirm that this is the right feature we need to harvest in ??

@dkayiwa asked for your cofrimation here.

@mozzy You are exactly right about the functionality.

When this is harvested, this code should use CIEL mappings or global property for the appropriate concepts:

  • weight (kg) CIEL:5089
  • height (cm) CIEL:5090
  • head circumference (cm) CIEL:5314
  • size (lying position)? Is this different from height, @akanter ?

CC @dkayiwa @k.joseph , Urgently waiting for your comments on this

When i take a look at all the openmrs module-depencies for core apps module ie


, and also looking at the general trend for most Apps in core apps , they have their Back-end API functionality in the appFrameworkService in the Appframework module.

I would suggest that theAppframework module and appFrameworkService would be the suitable Module and service respectively to contain the Backend Api functionality for the Growth charts.

CC @k.joseph and @dkayiwa, waitng for your confirmation

It would be the coreapps module.

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Alright , thanks @dkayiwa. So let me go ahead with the work