GSoD 2019 : Review and Refactoring our Information Architecture for OpenMRS

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Can anyone quickly confirm that this and this programs have been ended? Or are there any plans on starting/continuing them again?

@gcliff @c.antwi @tendomart

Correct, those are no longer active.

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@marslan8530 Sure I am available. Let me know what time would suit you

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Outreach & OpenMRS Internship programa are not active; however, we may want to reuse info from them or revive them in the future should the opportunity arise.


What about Monday/Tuesday? Any time that suits you i’m available

Please share your views and suggestions

Hey everyone!

While browsing through Wiki i came across this page.

OpenMRS Standalone provides a simplified, all-inclusive installation option with both an embedded database and web server. You can have a local copy of OpenMRS running within minutes.

If this standalone version is still usable and updated, can we explore the possibility of using it as “Demo” or try OpenMRS on small scale without having much technical knowledge. While Bahmni wiki has this demo link, we too can use our standalone version to give curious users or new service providers/implementer a taste of what OpenMRS is and some of our product’s features as well as allow usage of OpenMRS on small scale

without requiring services of IT expert(s).

(not sure of this)

We can even share our distributors EMR’s link on our wiki “OpenMRS demo” page to further clear up the queries about OpenMRS. It’ll help new users understand what can they build on top of our platform

We can include this as sub-page in “Capabilities and Specification”.

Looking forward to your valuable input.

I think this what it’s exactly for.

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@marslan8530 we can meet tomorrow morning 8am GMT on Uberconference

Yes okay. I’m fine by that.

@c.antwi let me know when you’re ready.

All of community members may use this link to give their input/suggestions about “curious” persona.

@c.antwi @jennifer

Hi @marslan8530!

Thanks for putting together the map for the “curious” persona. I’m trying to figure out the best way to comment on this. There are a few changes in the flow that I would make in order to provide “curious” people with what they want faster.

For instance, I think if a person is a “curious” implementer, they probably want to go to the implementation guide quickly. Same with a “curious” developer or user.

I know that you had a call with @c.antwi. What would you think about scheduling a Design Forum in the next week or so to walk us all through this map and any others that you are working on to get feedback?

Hey @jennifer,

That’s great, Okay. This page mentions 2 slots. I’m available on both times. Let me know which one suits you.

Hey everyone.

Can i create a new table in our Wiki page Documentation Review Work Needed for pages that are identical and can be merged into a single entity easily?

One example is these 2 pages. OpenMRS Implementation Overview and OpenMRS from Scratch.

@marslan8530 Yes you can

@marslan8530 can you open up the page for the link you created? I have requested permission however…

Which link are you referring to?

Check these links out

Curious Persona

Implementer Persona

Can you good people spare 5 mins for this? (Anyone who sees)

CC: @jennifer @c.antwi @sharif @gcliff @tendomart @herbert24

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@marslan8530 thanks for coming up with this. its a nice workflow around the documentation and hope you will be around in tomorrow’s documentation meeting to explain more about this nice progress of your work to the rest of the team .:+1: