GSoD 2019: Improved REST API Documentation

I think it is the swagger documentation that should be fixed.

thanks @dkayiwa and @burke for the assistance your rendering :+1:

@batbrain7 hope things are going on well that side and fell free to ask for assistance or share your progress on your tasks so that the mentors can best help and guide you

@gcliff yes, the things are going well from my end and will definitely ask if any problem occurs and I regularly sync up with @ayesh regarding the documentation that we have to write.


Hi @burke

Will it be possible to review the PR so I can fix things.

Hi @dkayiwa

I noticed that

  1. visit resource delete
  2. Attribute sub resource delete

was not working in both demo and qa servers when purge request param has a value(either true or false)

but without purge it’s working fine.

@ayesh, I put several comments into a review of OCRAD-3. While this looks like a good start, I think we need to establish some general conventions before we go too far. I’ve tried to put some of these into our shared google doc.

I also fleshed out the outline in the google doc a bit more to include some of the areas I think we might want to cover.

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Hi @burke

Yes, I went through the google doc. I also think it’s a good idea to cover up documentation on those areas.

In the meantime did the changes in Github PR OCRAD-3

Hi @burke

I did the requested changes for the PR OCRAD-3

And created new 2 PR’s for Visit type PR OCRAD-4 and Visit attribute type PR OCRAD-5

It will be great if u can have a look :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @burke

Will it be possible to review the 3 PR’s


can someone suggest me, where I can read about identifiers and attributes ?

@batbrain7 java classes or database models ?

In which contect

@tendomart in the context of data models

@burke @dkayiwa

I faced a small issue when working with visit attribute types.

I can specify minOccurs as any no in visit attribute type when creating it.

But when I try to create visit attribute of the above mentioned type which has 2 or more minOccurs it gives an error.When minOccurs i s 0 or 1 it works fine.

Any idea about the issue.

Which error?

@batbrain7 did you look at the details of

Hi @burke Pushed the fix for the review comments

@tendomart yes I looked into the link that you mentioned, but I wanted to know, how the identifier type interacts with the patient.

@burke please review the PR

Is this of help?

@burke please review