GSoD 2019: Improved REST API Documentation

Likewise @burke I am also a bit confused regarding the same.

cc @burke


Hi @burke

I went through the current data model used in the openMRS in the mean time

When will be possible to have a call and move forward :slightly_smiling_face:

@ayesh , @batbrain7 can you guys suggest the best times of your availability , we can arrange a call and update @burke ,it may be hard for him like he earlier indicated , and we have a deadline to meet. Tomorrow (17th , 18th and 19th are ok with me) 3-4 or 4-5pm EAT (1-2pm UTC)

@dkayiwa are you available at those times and dates so that you help out with curation i would like schedule a call on calender ?

Hi @tendomart

Yes 17,18,19 days are also ok for me.But can we make it little bit later (7pm,8pm EAT).Sounds good for me


Hi @tendomart

17, 18, 19 are also fine by me, but I’d also prefer the timings to be a bit late. like 8pm EAT.


Alright we’ll wait for @dkayiwa @c.antwi @jennifer @gcliff @jwnasambu @irenyak1 to see if they can join us on call , we’ll have the final date later on today.


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I am in clinic tomorrow & have a conflict Wed, but could make it Thursday at 8p EAT (i.e., following the S&O call).

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Alright thanks @burke noted , we’ll then go with 19th 8pm EAT


@burke , @dkayiwa , @c.antwi , @gcliff

I was doing some experiment around the slate.And modified the template a little to suite openMRS are we finally trying to achieve something like this with more description and documentation ?

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Thanks @ayesh for the update and good progress :+1:

Hello Team , hope all is well , just a reminder , we’ll have a call today at 8pm EAT , just after the operations call to help divide concerns between the two Tech Writers .

cc @burke @ayesh @batbrain7 @gcliff @jennifer @c.antwi


Hi @tendomart Its included in the calendar as well

@tendomart where is the call scheduled?

Hi @tendomart

It’s the call time if am right?

Guys are we having the call ?


@ayesh yes we are having a call link is :

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Let’s use this Google doc for planning/brainstorming and this repo for documentation (markdown).


Thanks , @c.antwi can you please share a link to the conference recording here ?

Hi @burke , @dkayiwa , @ssmusoke

I faced a small issue when trying to execute API from the swagger UI.

curl -X GET “” -H “accept: application/json”

is this endpoint open? Means can we execute them without basic auth header?. Because without the header I was able to get results.

I can see in the swagger response codes it has user not logged in not authorized code as well.And in the wiki it says all endpoints except /session endpoints are secured.