GSoC2017 - Open Concept Lab enhancements | Final presentation

Open Concept Lab enhancements

Primary mentor : @paynejd Backup mentor : @ball Student : @hao555sky Project wiki : Open Concept Lab enhancements


Open Concept Lab ( is the tool that we want to use in the OpenMRS community to mix-and-match shared, curated concepts (e.g. from the CIEL dictionary) with locally-defined concepts. The goal of this project is to make UI enhancements to OCL to make it easier for OpenMRS implementations to use it to create and share content.

Main Objectives

  • Add a “Fork This Concept” feature to be convenient for user to make local edits to someone else’s concept

  • Add a graphical “Diff Viewer”. User can view the changes across concepr versions.

  • Add a “Relationship Browser” view in OCL, so user can see immediately-related concepts in an intuitive way, and quickly browse to them.

Extra Objectives

  • Add a “Fork This Mapping” like the “Fork This Concept” feature.
  • Diff Viewer can compare different concepts to each other.


Pull Requests

I put all features in one pull request of every module.

Video Demo


Blogs : Talk Disscussion : GSoC-2017 OCL Project Discussion


Time flies, I want to say many words to express my feel about this three months.

At first, I deeply felt the concern and warmth of the OpenMRS community. In fact, this is my first time to contribute to open source project, and it is OpenMRS community who gave me this chance. As a newcomer, OpenMRS have arranges everything for our students, writing blogs to record our week’s work, sending report and message in Talk to express student’s concerns, detailed notification and so on. It is with these bases that I can finish my work better.

Secondly, sincere thanks to my mentor @paynejd who gave me many help to finish this project. He always be patient and helpful to my questions and problems, I can ask him for help no matter what diffculties I encountered. And I also thanks to people who helped me, people in OpenMRS are helpful to every person who encounters problems.

Thirdly, I am happy to contribute to open source project, and I am glad to do something that will help other people.

In the end, I want to say that I had a amazing summer with OpenMRS, and I am glad to know many friends around world. I hope to work with OpenMRS in the future. Thank you.


In my opinion, I think this program has been done very well, and I want to say a little suggestions. First, I think we should do something for newcomers, there is no detailed started tutorial for newcomer to understand the community and technology. Second is that I hope that we can hold a technology sharing meeting regularly, people can share they learned recently, no limit, we can talk anything, such as deep learning, computer vision.

That’s all. Thank you!


Thank you for your contributions @hao555sky :). Keep up your good work.

Thank you for your help in these months.:grinning: