GSoC 2023: Android Client improvement proposal and brainstorming

Project Scope: In 2021, Saurabh initiated the development of Openmrs-Android-SDK , aimed at enhancing the extendibility and deployment ease of the Android code for implementers. By leveraging the Jitpack library and encapsulating common functionalities of the app, the Android client for any facility can be effectively customized and used without the need for boilerplate code.

In this year’s GSoC, we should expand the SDK’s capabilities by incorporating additional features and APIs of OpenMRS for Android.

I took a look at the Android client idea and the objectives can be defined as follows:

  1. Add more features to the Android SDK which would be: 1.1) Appointments Module 1.2) Programs Module 1.3) Vitals Module 1.4) Order Module 1.5) Observations Module 1.6) Drugs Module and many more…

  2. Add Tests for the android SDK (as well as for the demo app if possible)

  3. Prepare the implementer guide to use the SDK for the added modules

  4. Migrate the remaining Java code to Kotlin

  5. Additional work: Use the added features in SDK in the demo app

Dedication required: Given the scope of this project, we anticipate that it will require an advanced level of dedication from the selected student, involving approximately ~350 hours of work. Thanks and looking forward to the project

Apologies for stating an individual name @kdaud . I’ll b equally focussed to all the individuals and obviously the proposal will be selected which will have a greater impact to our organization, and at the same time be achievable by the selected candidate…

Am glad you are back and ready to make a community a better place. It was nice working with you on the same project.

@rishabh997 do we have a hosted demo android app available?

/cc: @salahoamro @rohitsharma


You can download the demo app apk file for android from the releases:

Go to this link → Releases · openmrs/openmrs-contrib-android-client · GitHub

Then under “assets” You can find the latest apk file