GSOC 2019: OpenMRS Atlas 3.1

@suthagar23 Is it allowed for a primary mentor of a project to be a backup mentor for more than one other project?

According the Google guidelines, it’s better to go for an alternative mentor (but we can have it if we really need the mentor there).

Anyway Cool @dkayiwa , I already tracked and there are 3 mentors having more than 1 backup mentor placements, and 1 has more than one primary mentor placements. So I planned to reassign the backup mentors during the student selection time. So we can pick a mentor who’s project is not included in this year GSoC, and can assign to a different project which needs :smile:

Atlas-stg is back alive:

It doesn’t yet connect to LDAP.

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@cintiadr What branch of the atlas repo does it currently run? Is this where we’ll be testing our atlas 3.x code?

Also, if there’s a staging LDAP server I could use to connect the Atlas server to, to get the auth routes development started, please do let me know. :slight_smile:

3.x :smiley: So your code is deployed there (the deployment is via CI as one must).

I was attempting to finish that over the weekend, but unfortunately production atlas took way way to much effort. It should happen in less than 2 weeks hopefully (I’m travelling over easter).

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@cintiadr Thank you for your efforts! I’ll be having exams for the next month, so its not like I had a lot planned for the next 2 weeks. I think I’ll try to get the basic structure of the auth routes ready on my local machine when I find time. Changing the LDAP folder path thingies to use the OpenMRS LDAP structure is all the work that’ll be left if I can manage to do that.

Have fun over Easter! :slight_smile:

Thanks for selecting me for GSoC! I think will be updating my progress on my project here. :slight_smile:

Here’s a list of resources and repos related to the project:
openmrs-contrib-ansible-docker-compose - files/ldap-stg can be used to create an LDAP machine
ldapjs - Used by our atlas server to communicate with LDAP server - It has some pretty good resources about how LDAP works.

@burke @harsha89 @cintiadr

I got LDAP running locally, and implemented a simple login page.

I wrote a medium post about it, and created a video showing my progress.

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Great work, @heliostrike!

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Hello Sai, the work you shared with our OpenMRS community has been phenomenal. I encourage you to keep updating your ideas, so we can get motivated and start contributing as well.

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Thank you @burke, and @emmanuelelisha2! I forgot to link github repo where the changes are, so here it is.

Thank you, @heliostrike, for taking up this project. There are a few of us who are excited to see this working!

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For @burke and @harsha89,

As we have a staging server, I’m encouraging @heliostrike to create multiple pull requests, even if the functionality is not yet perfect or if there will be improvements.

I will finish setting up ldap staging this weekend, so a merge to the 3.x branch will allow us to see the result deployed via bamboo. I will add the details here later.

I know that in other GSoCs we didn’t merge code until much later, but I really want this one to succeed, and nothing better than ship fast and early. I really don’t want this to be yet another project that never gets deployed.


@burke @harsha89 @cintiadr I made the PR! Users can now login via LDAP!

@cintiadr i like your strategy. :slight_smile:

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@heliostrike, FYI – I made you the lead for the ATLAS project in Jira. One of the best practices for open source development is to use an issue tracker to describe and track all development. We should strive to ensure any development we plan or that you take on is described in an ATLAS ticket. Tickets can also help provide a focus for ticket-specific conversation (rather than everything getting lost in this Talk topic).

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@burke I updated the PR, as reviewed. I also created the JIRA issue. :slight_smile:

I wanted to edit the top post of the thread to include resources and progress but I’m unable to edit any post that’s over a month old. :confused:

I updated the jira project, so it might be easier to control what’s missing, what’s pending to do, and so on:

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Great work @heliostrike.

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