Gsoc 2019: Bootstrap as a foundation for Reference Application UI Project

@ayesh Nope this project is not making structural changes to pages and existing components, it is focused on providing styling that can is based on a commonly used framework.

The existing legacy UI should not be affected

Sure thanks @ssmusoke can you let me know about the changes that I have done above for patient summary page and login page :slightly_smiling_face:

Where is the code for me to review?

Yeah thats true :smile:.Shall I create a PR and the thing is it has changes on multiple projects hope it’s ok @ssmusoke :slightly_smiling_face:

You can use for the dashboard and create one for the login page.

Whatever tickets you will create will be tied to the epic (which is the highest level ticket for this effort)

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Awesome thanks alot :crossed_fingers:

@ssmusoke @jwnasambu this is the Jira issue for the login page :-

And these are the PR with respective changes :

@ssmusoke @jwnasambu this is the Jira sub task for the patient summary page :-

And these are the PR changes :

Am just going though the changes you have made.

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Btw I think it will be good to have these changes on separate branches.Because integrating the bootstrap to the ref app is breaking the current styling in all pages.So have to fix them all and then should be pushed to the master branch.What do you think on this @ssmusoke and @jwnasambu.

@ayesh I do not understand what you mean. The changes are already on different branches in each module

You are right. Could this be of help?

No what I mean is till all changes done for the dashboard we must not merge these changes to the master.It’s good to keep all changes merged in to a new branch like bootstrap-integration and after doing changes to all pages are done then that branch can be pushed to master.Because with bootstrap integration styling breaks on all pages.

For example this is how the home page looks like now

so until these changes are done we can’t merge it with master hope it make sens.

You are right. As you make changes keep in mind the objective and the CI build.

Yes @jwnasambu am always looking at coveralls and travis :crossed_fingers:

I suppose you made the changes on the master branch. Kindly create a branch make the changes and make a PR.

Hi @jwnasambu all chages are in branches as mentioned here but pointing to the master branch for the merge :slightly_smiling_face:

@ssmusoke had time to look at the code ? :slightly_smiling_face:

Will take a look tomorrow

Ok will work on the broken home page (because of the bootstrap integration) today :crossed_fingers: