Gsoc 2019 : Bootstrap as a foundation for Reference Application UI Project- Mid-Term Presentation

Mid-term presentation for Bootstrap as a foundation for Reference Application UI Project.

Sorry @suthagar23 I had to upload a little bit longer video.Since ref app team want’s to get an idea about the progress since they are planning to release it on first week of Aug :slightly_smiling_face:

Special thank goes to my mentors , Cintia and to all community members :v:

cc :- @ssmusoke , @jwnasambu @mozzy @suthagar23 , @herbert24 , @cintiadr


Well done @ayesh, good job done.

So i think we shall have that into ref app 2.10 release. cc @c.antwi

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Nicely done


@mozzy and @ayesh i dont see why not :slight_smile: Can we explore what it would take to bring it into Ref 2.10?

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@ayesh is most of that work merged ??

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Hi @mozzy

We keep all the work in a separate branch in each and every module. Didn’t merged things till we get to the end. And there are few modules which were involved on the development.

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great work @ayesh

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Nicely done, @ayesh. It doesn’t look like your project page mentions progress or a roadmap. You’ve done a lot of good work. Any chance you are planning to leverage your experience with converting the RefApp to Bootstrap 4 to create a how-to or tips for others to do the same with their modules/apps/OWAs? Getting RefApp onto Bootstrap is terrific. It would be extremely helpful to lower the barrier for module authors to update their UIs as well.


Hi @burke

Thank you :grinning:. Am maintaining a documentation.Actually a google doc.Which is not fully completed for the all work done.But I will do it during this week end and have it on the project page :slightly_smiling_face:.And am more happy to help owners to get their modules updated with bootstrap :smiley:

Have been following your works,i love the part of testing the appearance of the UI on different devices.My only question would be whether we have these changes reflected even without internet,my last time on checking on your pull requests i got to see that you were using remotely hosted bootstrap.Other wise thanks for the effort and well done.

Hi @herbert24

Yes we didn’t actually went to that path yet.But always have that in mind working without internet :slightly_smiling_face:.

Currently am using the cdn which is hosted by official bootstrap 4.

Bu there are other ways of having bootstrap

  1. Having minified css/js files localy
  2. Having as a npm packcage.
  3. Nuget package for c# mvc api projects

So first one will be our approach to the problem you mentioned.If you follow the below link you can get an idea (


we seem to have a little time remaining to the completion of the GSOC projects, can we get the update on the progress of this feature. could we be able to have it into ref app?? thanks cc @ayesh @ssmusoke @jwnasambu @c.antwi

Hi @mozzy

I think all changes related to the development is now done.Whats missing is the documentation. Actually I was maintaining a one PR for each repo.:smiley:.


thanks @ayesh and wel-done.that sounds cool