GSoC 2018 Project/Mentor Brainstorming

Hi @gihanchanuka, we are still looking for a mentor for the Addons project, but I’m sure someone will step forward to take on this role. There has been quite a bit of interest in these improvements to Addons, so I’m sure there are members of the community that would be able to guide/advise you in the meantime, if you’re looking to explore this project for GSoC. I’d suggest having a look here for guidelines on starting a new topic to discuss the project:


Can we share last year proposals with this year aspirants? We may get some more ideas from them.

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@shivtej Thanks for raising this! Former students are welcome to share their proposals from previous years, but this is at the discretion of each student. And to keep things fair, preferably these would be made public rather than sharing them individually with specific students. I’ve started a topic for this here:

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