GSoC 2018 - Community KPIs and Activity Analytics

@darius @burke @terry (and possibly @jeffneiman) - With the Community KPIs and Activity Analytics project identified as a project idea for GSoC 2018, I wanted to check if any of the details on the project page need to be updated. Specifically:

  • Is the list of community KPIs still relevant, or are there new/other KPIs that may take priority now?
  • Are the open-source bitergia tools still considered a viable option for this - are there any new ideas/tools that have been identified since?

@danfuterman - I would like to know whether this project needs to be built from scratch (maybe using a opensource tool) or is this a continuation on what is already implemented.

Hi @arunans23, thanks for your interest - on review it seems this isn’t a suitable project for GSoC 2018, but please have a look at some of the other OpenMRS GSoC 2018 projects.

@danfuterman Thank you for letting me know.