GSOC 2017 | Android Client | Final Presentation

OpenMRS Android Client

Project Wiki : Mentor - Avijit Ghosh Backup Mentor - Rafal Korytkowski Student - Ayush Goyal

Features Implemented :

1. Feedback/Bug report system :

It replaces the default “Force Close” screen of android with a custom dialog giving user the option to either restart app, close app or send an email with crash report. Issue Link : Pull Request :
Video :

2. Vitals history chart :

It adds a chart screen in patient dashboard which renders the vitals history in the form interactive charts. Issue Link : Pull Request : Video :

3. Creating Forms on server :

Previously, the app needed forms to be created in JSON on the server manually. Now the app itself creates the forms on the server if they are not found. Issue Link : Pull Request :

4. Visual Improvements :

Various visual improvements were done on the app to make the UI more user friendly. Issue Link : Pull Request : Video :

5. App demo :

An introductory demo of the app is added explaining the app functionalities to help new users. Pull Request : Video :

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Experience with OpenMRS during the GSoC This was my first time contributing to an open source community for GSoC and it was really an amazing one. I get to know a lot of people working on different things and interact with people from different backgrounds. In these past few months I learnt a lot of new things.


Thank you for your contributions @defcon :). Keep up your good work.