GSOC 2016 participation

Hello Developers!! I am Parth Karkhanis from SPIT,Mumbai,India.I have good working experience in android development and want to contribute to OpenMRS’ projects.How should I start contributing?.Is there any android project available for me to solve bugs for?For reference,I have developed this app:

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@parthkarkhanis479 welcome to the community. Please for orderliness, it would be nice if we keep, talks about gsoc-2016 on this thread GSoC planning during 2016-01-28 developer forum, so that i know i only have one thread to check for updates concerning gsoc-2016. But that is my on point of view, not a rule. :slightly_smiling:


Hi , I am Thilina Manamgoda student of University of Peradeniya from Sri lanka.I hope to participate GSOC 2016 .I am really interested in the project Patient Flags and hope to contribute it.

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Please use this topic and maybe continue your discussion here.