Getting started with development

hello someone to help with link for OMRS dev meeting

Kindly take a look at this thread and see if the meeting your looking for is scheduled for this week What’s Happening This Week: 22 Aug - 26 Aug 2022

   thanks mherman22

mhweman22 what are requirements to join that meeting

Just like any other community call nothing is required of you. Passcode is 1 just incase…

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i try to join today but the notification was saying its for authorized members

Juliet i to start my first opermrs module and i require you to guide me

Kindly do you want to deploy your module? if yes this guide could be of help Create and Deploy Your First OpenMRS Module - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki

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hello i tried to setup server but i got errors

@nyyesigahenry kindly which command did you run to setup the server? Henry, always try to share the entire error log using pastebin. Its challenging to use snapshot because most of the time only apart of the error is seen which makes it had to tell where the error is originating from.

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hello after mvn clean install, i installed the openmrs sdk with this command mvn org.openmrs.maven.plugins:openmrs-sdk-maven-plugin:setup-sdk both succeed and setup the server with this mvn openmrs-sdk:setup and selected server2, distri

I selected distribution and version 2.10.0

Kindly which problem are you facing now?

Setting up a server

Kindly at which point are you failing? kindly do you mind sharing the error you are getting in your terminal using pastebin?

@nyyesigahenry was your issue sorted out?

not yet i still have issues

Kindly what is the exact problem that you are facing?

i created the module with this command mvn openmrs-sdk:create-project and built it with`mvn clean install successfully but now deploying it to the server is the problem…help

Oh sorry! to deploy the module follow these steps :

  1. Start your OpenMRS sdk instance

  2. Log into your server as administrator.

  3. On the administration interface select → System Administration → Manage Modules → Add/upgrade modules .( Upload Module dialogue displays)

  4. Select the Upload Module button.

  5. A file browser window displays (Browse to yourfirstmodule / omod/target / myfirstmodule-1.0.0SNAPSHOT.omod , and select the Upload Module button).