Fast Turnaround: Digital Square Funding Opportunity

Sounds like Digital Square has a "dirty jobs’ type funding opportunity. By July 11, they would like:

…a very focused concept note (please use attached template) that clearly outlines what you are proposing and very distinct deliverables that will be accomplished. We are aiming to have these as fixed fee / deliverable based awards and as such invoiced on and payment made on deliverables. Concept notes (max 8 pages) are to be submitted by 11 July 2022 8PM PST (GMT+8).

Our budget ceiling on this, for all awards, is $300’000 and with this we expect to make multiple awards (5 to 8 awards) and as such we encourage you to ensure that your deliverables are well bounded and easily severable should the technical evaluation committee want to select a subsection of your concept and deliverable list to fund.

This is a great opportunity and we encourage you to rapidly put ideas down and be excited about helping round out your tool/community and drive the space forward. Not being prescriptive but rather to jog ideas please see the list of illustrative deliverable ideas below:

Global Good product: • Key feature developed • Data exchange / interoperability interface built • Quality assurance / tests developed for a focused feature set • Performance testing (building a reusable framework) • Security testing and the inclusion of DevSecOps in your pipeline • Translations • Etc

Global Good Community • Key community resources updated (be explicit with the list) • Onboarding guides • Training material • Product information documentation

Global Good Impact and Space development • Whitepaper on the impact and scale of your tool • Creation of a shared set of requirements for a domain (e.g Immunization suites, CHIS, etc) • Other publications…

The funds (up to $60k) will need to be spent by September 30, 2022, so this is not only a fast turnaround in terms of putting the concept note together but also in terms of getting the work we propose completed.

@grace @jdick @mksd @cduffy @pauladams Wondering if there’s a discrete activity or something that we can do by the end of September that would help us get a jump start on the ANC DAK work?

Please share ideas here, join this Thursday’s Strategy & Operations call at 4pm UTC, or reach out if you want to discuss your idea & how to move forward.

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Hey everyone! Here are the ideas that came up for this opportunity:

  • Strengthen O3 product design documentation
  • Promote use of our design documentation with a virtual OpenMRS Design Conference
  • Update OpenMRS Global Good video

@paul @janflowers Check out the concept note for details.

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Quick update: the concept note has been submitted and we received a couple of follow up emails:

Good Day Community

Our call has come to an end as of 8pm PDT yesterday (11 July 2022). Thank you to those who have participated and submitted concept notes. I have been made aware that there have been some issues in terms of submissions due to a typo in Maria’s email address which should have read .

I have sent a separate email to those who’s concept notes we’ve received confirming that we have received them. If you have submitted a concept note and have not received a “Concept Note Received - Digital Square funding opportunity” email please reach out to me before 8pm PDT 12 July 2022 and we can discuss options.

We appreciate your enthusiasm in your submissions and have had a near overwhelmingly good response – a great set of readings await the TEC! We hope to notify successful applicants in the next week or so. All unsuccessful concept notes will be kept of file and Digital Square will continue to review opportunities for funding.

We also look forward to the release of Notice G in the next month or so – this time it will be an opportunity to reaffirm that tools are global goods (note all existing global goods will be expected to apply and submit information to ensure they still meet the global goods tag) and a space for new tools to present to be considered as global goods. We encourage all to review the global good maturity model and begin to prepare evidence to support your maturity levels and the measures in the models. We are also excited to be introducing refined models for content and service global goods. So keep an eye out and share the news! In the interim – if you haven’t already, we strongly encourage you to visit the Digital Public Goods Alliance and register as a DPG too. Great things are coming!



Good Day Community

I’m writing to confirm that we have received your concept notes – some of you had issues in terms of submissions due to a typo in Maria’s email address which should have read . I will be writing to the broader community to ensure all are on the same page. However, if you have received this email please note that I have received your concept note and we will be reviewing them.


Good news! Our concept note was partially funded. We have until mid/late September to:

  • Strengthen O3 product design documentation
  • Promote use of our design documentation with a virtual OpenMRS Design Conference

We’ve been asked to provide draft outlines/plans for the product design documentation (ie: output of the discovery phase) and for the Virtual Design Conference in the next few weeks.

We can probably merge the Virtual Design Conference with the plans for an August/September Community Mini-Meeting that our Global Events Team has started to plan. @christine @nikeshbalami thoughts?