Failed Export Concepts - MetaSharing module

Just confirming this is something you created in your demo database and is not present in CIEL… correct?

hi @akanter on exporting the concepts using meta data sharing module from the mdsbuilder server after loading it with the latest CIEL, i get errors showing duplicates ie ‘Tension artérielle systolique’ is a duplicate name in locale ‘fr’ for the same concept full logs org.openmrs.module.metadatasharing.task.TaskException: Concept [id:5086 uuid:508 - cc @sharif @mozzy @dkayiwa @ibacher

Thanks @herbert24 for catching this, this is Diastolic blood pressure concept and it is Tension artérielle systolique’ in french. and Systolic blood pressure concept both have same synomanes ,i dont think they should be having two synomanes in french locale

Hey @herbert24 , it have worked now , you go ahead and Export other reference application mds packages , this worked after i removed the duplicates in synomanes, Diastolic blood pressure had two synonames in french named ‘Tension artérielle systolique’ which had duplicates two similar names, Same as Systolic blood pressure concept which had two similar synomanes in french

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Not sure why that should have been picked up now of all times. You can retire the synonym version of that name for concept 5085. I did that in CIEL.


Thanks @akanter for your clarification ,i retired them and i hope @herbert24 is ready to go exporting CIEL concepts without challenges.