Extract Data Using Reporting-REST

Currently we are in the process of improving our reporting withing UgandaEMR using visualization.

The plan is to write data extraction queries and receive that data through reporting rest endpoints. This data shall then be visualized using applicable tools on an analysis dashboard.

My challenge now is how to implement the extraction of data from sql queries or even already defined cohorts in the Reporting Module.

I have used the reporting api endpoint here /ws/rest/v1/reportingrest/cohort but this returns no value even when we already have defined cohorts.

How can we extract this data and render it into visualization tools.

Cc @dkayiwa @mseaton @ssmusoke

Are you still interested in this, after the response on your other post? Charts in OpenMRS - #20 by burke

@dkayiwa Yes, I am still interested, we need a temporary solution in the meantime as we work on the long term solution.

Are you able to reproduce the problem on https://demo.openmrs.org/?