Extending test cases for 3.x E2E testing

Hi all.

The next main step of the project Improving 3.x E2E Tests is to extend test cases in 3.X E2E testing tool. The thread will be used to carry on the discussion of the process.

Relevant documents:

3.x E2E testing plan -

Extending test cases - 3.0 E2E Testing Plan: Workflow Cases - Google Docs

Manual testing -

cc: @jayasanka @bistenes @grace @christine

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Weldone @pasindur2 , Amazing work. :+1:

@christine @grace Can you please go through this document and let me know what test can be written in 3.x. Also please leave a hint on what test should be changed in 3.x or what test will have to add newly. Thank you.


let me know what test can be written in 3.x

@tendayi.mutangadura could be of help here!

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Hi all. I documented the new workflow cases for 3.x E2E testing in the following google doc with the help of manual testing documentation.

Identification of new workflows in OpenMRS3 for E2E automated testing -

feel free to go through the document and leave a comment if you have any suggestions on the workflows.

cc: @grace @tendayi.mutangadura @jayasanka @jnsereko

HI Pasindu

Sure will go through and give feedback.


Thanks, @tendayi.mutangadura appreciate it.

Hi team. Currently, we have two major blockers for writing new tests for O3.

  1. Patient chart not working in docker - talk discussion
  2. Missing features in docker instance - ticket(O3-1451)

Most of the workflows can’t be tested because of these issues. once we get these fixed we can start writing tests. I have created Jira tickets for the following issues that we identified in this document.

Ticket - [O3-1319] Extending test cases for 3.X E2E testing. - OpenMRS Issues (Under this main ticket we have sub-tasks for each test scenario)

cc: @jayasanka @jnsereko

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