Extend 'Edit Patient Information' page

Hi, How can i extend ‘Edit patient demographics and contact info’ page? So that i can edit all the info inserted in registration. (I have added few extra fields to the registration.) Is there any Json file that i can edit or any other way? thank you.

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Hi @nipun,

We have forked and modified the Core Apps module so that it allows this, please see this thread: ‘How to use the Address Hierarchy Module with the Reference Application’.

We are meant to ‘request a pull’ :wink: on the OpenMRS repo for Core Apps and submit this once and for all. We just never really had the time but I will try to do so soon since my schedule is a bit lighter these days.

You may want to clone our forked master and give it a try. This is based on Core Apps v1.8, so the one for Ref App distro 2.3.

Any feedback on it would be welcome, we have only really used on a specific implementation.

Thank you for the quick response! Will give an update once this is done.

Have you solved it? Now I am facing same problem. here is my Registration App Configuration with custom fields.