Enable dispensing module in the application

Go to Home ➔ System Administration ➔ Manage Global Properties then Add

order.drugDispensingUnitsConceptUuid ➔ 162402AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA as part of global property and try again, not sure if you are dealing with order entries but hopefully that would give you some clues

You need to create an extension point following this Page Dispensed medication configuration, would like to see at the logs just incase error persists.

@ankitm do you have a concept in your dictionary that has a SAME AS mapping to source=“org.openmrs.module.emrapi” code=“Dispensing Medication Concept Set”? The error message is saying you do not

The version is 1.28

try using >1.30.0 and see whether that fixes the issue

hello, can someone please outline the steps to actualize having a functional dispense and lab activity? i think whats on ground isn’t quite straight forward. to be precise, the requirements and the steps. thanks in advance

morning, my setup is 2.3 enterprise, reference application add-on 2.10.0, running on windows 10, tomcat7. I’ve followed the direction as in the wiki page yet dispensing isn’t working. I need some help please. attached is the screenshot and logs. thanks

Also I noticed a slight difference between the video tutorials and the letter. Perhaps someone will have a look at that.

Is there any reason why you did not use the 2.11.0 addons?

Really no. But will try it out now and revert. Thanks

hello, Specs win10, tomcat7, 2.3 enterprise.had a successful install, when I uploaded reff-app 2.11.0 addons i received this error and wouldn’t go further.

openmrs logs

Delete the fhir module and then restart OpenMRS.

Thanks. That worked. Now I noticed there is a dispensing module, and also an orderentryui/order entry owa which have different ways of setting up. Please which is the most appropriate to use? That has both dispensing and lab? Thanks

Morning, i tried using the dispensing module; dispensing-1.2.0.omod, emrapi 1.30.0.omod. i already have this: order.drugDispensingUnitsConceptUuid ➔ 162402AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA set in global properties. but dont have the concept suggest by @gcliff in my dictionary. and i think my logs suggests so. how do i add that if that is the problem? thanks for the support. Below is a screen shot and a link to the logs.

Morning from here, Still need help with the dispense module please. I’m stuck at my last post. Anybody help please. Thanks

@ball are you using this module at PIH? If yes, could you be having any sort of set up documentation?

@dkayiwa We continue to use this module in many deployments. Unfortunately we don’t have it documented… It’s not obvious.

@yusufny The error indicates that you need a new concept and mapping (org.openmrs.module.emrapi:Dispensing Medication Concept Set). This is what it looks for us on our concept dictionary:

The Dispensing module doesn’t need the last 2 set members (name of CHW; medication category). We are using that for another form. We can talk to @akanter about adding that concept and mapping. Or change the dispensing code for another mapping.

You already figured out that some of these global properties are needed for dispensing. You should replace order.durationUnitsConceptUuid with a CIEL uuid (1732AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA)

Thanks @dkayiwa. @ball; not sure what I’m missing now, but i still think some concepts. I’ll attach some images; please guide me I tried creating new concepts but don’t have any in your example thanks really appreciate

hello, I’ve made some progress but still stuck at mappings.

the code section has no Dispensing Medication Concept Set. and when i try dispensing i receive a root error. Please how do i go about this? openmrs logs


Morning, Still stuck where I was. Need some help. Can’t get the code. Thanks

Yeah, as @ball mentioned, although we are using this at many locations at PIH, it’s always been a slightly hacky implementation and not well documented.

Also, we are likely going to be building and migrating to a new dispense model (and module) going forward, I would check out the discussion here: Plans for integrated prescribing/dispensing workflow - #10 by dkayiwa

Morning, Thanks @mogoodrich, that was helpful