DRY and all these new ReactJS OWAs...

Thanks @larrystone! Feel free to start contributing to the reactcomponents project. And thanks for creating the tickets in RAUI project!

@ssmusoke are you how we want split things up between different OWAs? Good question… it seems like the are developing a model of OWA-per-functional feature. Instinctively, that seems about right to me, but interested in other ideas.

For reusable components, there’s a question of whether we should have a separate library per technology (React, Angular), which is the approach I’ve gone with my “reactcomponents” contrib, or whether it’s better to have everything in a shared “uicommons” contrib.

Take care, Mark

@mogoodrich I am Javascriptically challenged but I think its best to have owa reusable components in one project then have the react and angular components filed differently…

That way later when there is a new Vue.js need we just add a new folder… It also allows us to have a common folder for those that can be shared between frameworks, or probably a bridge that allows one to use any framework.

On splitting up the OWAs, I think feature wise is a good start, then we can learn as we move forward.

I think the theory would be we’d want to release a “openmrs-contrib-reactcomponents” package via npm and a “openmrs-contrib-angularcomponents” package via npm, and if that is the case, it would make sense for them to live in different repos. Interested in hearing others thoughts as well. It also looks like we may have a design call soon about this:

+1 to this.

It’s also fine to have an openmrs-contrib-jscommon (or whatever), but as a separate code repo, and the react and angular can import the latest version of this as part of their build process.