Display forms for patients based on the program(s) enrolled

We need to display forms for patients based on the program they are enrolled in.

We have gone through the wiki pages and the OpenMRS talks but can’t seem to find a good solution to our problem. The closest we got was using the “Show If” on “Configure Metadata” for HTML forms but we haven’t understood the way the relationships are mapped. We are currently going through this thread How to conditionally display forms to see if it can help us.

While we do this, can you direct us on how best to achieve this?

Thank you.

@aeze -Can you share more information about your running environment? Like what version/distribution of OpenMRS you are running.

Thank you @rubailly. Our application is running on openmrs 2.7 reference application.

Was that thread of any value?

Not perfectly. I could not navigate to PatientPageController.java as described in the thread (How to conditionally display forms) in my reference app version. Do I need to have developer version of openmrs before I could do that?

@aeze can you create a JIRA ticket for this?