Dispense Medication Module Error "UI Framework and Root Error"

Click on the dispense medication icon. Its give erro “UI Framework Error Root Error java.lang.RuntimeException: Cannot find tag: null at org.openmrs.module.htmlformentry.element.EncounterDetailSubmissionElement.(EncounterDetailSubmissionElement.java:336)”

Please also find the full log file and screen shot. OpenMRS Version: 1.11.6 Build 0d2192 dispensing-1.0New Text Document (2).txt (18.5 KB)

@mogoodrich ,I am try to used our dispense 1.0 modules but fund the above error, Can you help me, how to resolved above issue.

@nirajkrsinghit, sorry the Dispensing Module is a relatively small, relatively hacky module build for a specific use case. You are welcome to try to use it, and we can help you the best we can, but I don’t know if it’s use is documented at all.

In this case, looking deeper into it, it looks like you need to define a Location Tag named “Dispensing Location” (and then make sure that one of your locations is defined as “Dispensing Location”).

If you get it to work, can you add some documentation for this?

Take care, Mark

Hi mogoodrich, Sorry for delay replay, I created dispensing location tag and mapping to pharmacy location but issue is continuous.

Can you look the screen shot and provide the solution. thanks Niraj

Have you solved this issue? I am also facing same issue. Here is another relevant post Drug Order Model