[Discussion] Reference Application 2.6 Roadmap for April 28, 2017 Release

We never added this to Modulus, but we can of course. So Modulus is still the way to go to share modules around?

If yes then we will need to dig into it to learn how to publish a module on Modulus…

The usage of VDUI is trivial, however its logic for further development needs to be documented and would deserve a wiki article, should I just start with this?

@mksd modulus is what we are using until when we get an alternative. :slight_smile: Documenting its usage, however trivial to use, would be awesome.

The process is that the Reference Application Lead (you!) goes through some process of deciding if the module is suitable and ready to include. (That’s what Daniel is getting at with the questions about whether it works out of the box, and if it has end-user docs.)

If/when you decide to include it, the module should be (1) built automatically by ci.openmrs.org (there’s a wiki page about how to configure the plan) and its snapshots and releases need to be published to mavenrepo.openmrs.org. Then, someone needs to add the module to the pom.xml file for openmrs-distro-referenceapplication.

Technically speaking it would also be okay to publish it to Bintray (instead of Modulus), as long as it’s also getting published to the OpenMRS Maven Repo.

But it’s easy to publish something to Modulus. It just requires a one-time manual upload (for each version).

FYI VDUI v1.1 is now on Modulus.

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Was there any one with a specific De status to analyse RA-1286 before work should begin on it? cc.@ssmusoke ,@dkayiwa , @raff ,@mogoodrich , @mksd

@domenico We have RA-1361 and RA-1287 pending testing before closing.Are you still available to do the testing.