Diagnosis Set of Sets hierarchy restrictions

Hi everyone,

I am trying to import ICD-10 codes taken from CDC.

So, what I want to do is that I want to parse the codes/diseases from XML to the CSV file in order to match the official description of CSV upload:

Create Concept Reference Terms
Create Diagnosis Concepts (diseases)
Create Diagnosis Concept Sets (chapters)

So, after I create these csv by parsing I can then manually upload via CSV upload feature in Admin Console.

BUT, what I wanted to ask is that, in this link it gives one csv file example per each step, and I am interested to know that, if I do create a csv file for Diagnosis Concept Sets with only one set there called Diagnosis Set of Sets instead of multiple sets given in the example file, do I remove everything else (every other set related to diagnosis) or I just update this specific set.

cc @akanter

Discussed here as well: Altering the depth of Diagnosis Set of Sets I still do not understand the specific workflow being recommended here. Are we talking about a medical coder going through the book chapters? If we are talking about clinicians choosing medical diagnoses, then ICD-10 structure is very challenging. I will look into creating sets in CIEL for this use case. If @aidjali is able to create an existing map between the CIEL IDs and the ICD-10 codes in the groups you want, then I can probably add them and then you can use OCL or CIEL dropbox to load them

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Hello @akanter, Actually I did download the CDC codes as XML and via Python I did parse the file and created four csv files.

1st reference_terms.csv
2nd diagnosis_concept.csv
3rd diagnosis_concept_sets.csv (chapters which are 21 in total)
4th diagnosis_set_of_sets.csv (I set every chapter as a member of Diagnosis Set of Sets resource)

After I upload CSVs individually (by CSV Upload in Bahmni) I do get the desired “tree”, because now I do have the Diagnosis Set of Sets > Chapters > Diagnosis which are mapped accordingly and can be searched via name and code in the Diagnosis tab in Clinical/Consultation.

But, I would like to know if there is any possible way to upload “mimic” the manually csv upload via API, so instead of uploading them via console, to send them via API ?

Not sure what the first sets is. However, if you want a set of terms mapped to a particular chapter included in a set (21 of them) and have these available then what would be helpful is to cross reference the content of the chapter with the CIEL concepts already mapped to those codes since the CIEL sets would need to include the CIEL concepts, not the WHO ICD concepts only

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