Developing the "OCL for OpenMRS" Application

Hey @akanter, kindly use qa for testing for the moment, the demo deployment for the UI currently has newer code that depends on some recently made backend changes.

Thank you. On QA, I cannot create a new CODED concept. The option is not available. I cannot map to SNOMED as it is not in the sources, and when I try to map to something else, it is not saved.


In regards to this, recall we restricted this option to only concepts where we have an option of adding answers.

There are no external sources on qa at the moment. So you would have to search for and find the particular concept.

Just spoken to @raff and the changes will be deployed to staging( by end of tomorrow.

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Are we now in a position to do a full testing ?

@herbert24 can you look into this ?

yes surely

I am sorry but I am a bit frustrated that I have not been able to test on DEMO or QA (which I have logins to). Why do we not have a version which can be installed on all of these servers for testing? I need to be able to test realworld mapping to actual sources and what is the status of the subscription module testing? Do we need another call?

Sorry about this @akanter, is there any reason you can’t use staging? I could ask @raff to deploy to demo, but it will be the same deployment anyway.

I will need login credentials for staging. thanks.

Please signup here( and use those credentials to login. It is the same workflow for when you don’t have an account.

Hey @akanter, @herbert24 any progress on this?

@karuhanga @c.antwi been in the uganda emrs hackathon but am picking up on this during this weekend

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the full tests of OCL are on going here @karuhanga kindly add other test scenarios that you think we can have cc @karuhanga @burke @darius @christine @akanter @raff @maurya @jennifer @dkayiwa @paynejd

@karuhanga @raff @christine are you here please i cannot get any concepts when at while trying to filter using CEIL,waiting for your response here ASAP.

I’m not in position to help, because does show concepts correctly. Maybe something on the client side?


every thing looks to be fine now.i was accessing them from a wrong place.thanks

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I have been interacting with the openmrs ocl module for a couple of days now, some issues have been raised concerning the module. I have created a ticket for one of the issues in jira that I want to work on

In the current workflow the module does not allow subscription to specific dictionary versions ; picking up on a dictionary subscription url eg The module will only work if the dictionary version is removed from the url to form With this url the module then imports the latest released version of the dictionary.

My proposed solution is to have the user pass the whole url of a specific released dictionary version they intend to import eg and to have the module import the concepts. This is possible because ocl api has an endpoint that handles this request.

That means only passing url to this function;

cc @dkayiwa @raff @ningosi @jdick

I support adding that feature as long as the current behavior of importing the latest if no version is provided is still supported.

If you provide a url to a specific version, then the check for updates button does not make sense and should be disabled with a proper message indicating why.

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I agree… I support that behavior.

@jecihjoy I just started playing around with the module this week, and ran into a few issues but it seems like you are making more progress than me!

Does the download link in OCL for OpenMRS work for you? When I click on it I get an error:



I also get an error when I try to download the CSV from OCL directly.


I’m assuming/guessing that this may be a permissions issue, but not sure who is currently the admin for OCL (@paynejd @akanter @raff ?).

Also, bigger picture, we (PIH) are considering using OCL for our concept management in the future. @jecihjoy is AMPATH considering using it a well?


Take care, Mark

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