Developing the "OCL for OpenMRS" Application

(collins Ijeomah) #712

Hello community

The team had a successful sync. Thanks to everyone that made it. For those that missed the call, here is a link to the call.


cc: @darius, @akanter, @dkayiwa, @shine, @collinewait, @samdiano, @sheriff, @abulojoshua1, @brucemakallan, @judeatu, @alexkayabula

(Andrew Kanter) #713

if I go with the default option of searching within “this dictionary” and I choose something, the actual answer/member reference that’s added is to that concept in a source . E.g. if I already have Hypertension from CIEL in my dictionary, and I choose it as an answer to the question, the mapping that’s created is to CIEL/Hypertension, not to MyDict/Hypertension. And the table will show source = CIEL.

@Darius, I would think that if we create a copy of the answer concept in our current dictionary (for which the question resides), then shouldn’t the mapping be to the copied concept and not the original?


(collins Ijeomah) #714

Hello community,

We will be having a demo call for the 15th OCL- Client sprint soon, kindly take some time to participate in this Doodle poll to select a suitable date and time for the 15th sprint demo call.

cc: @akanter, @darius, @c.antwi , @dkayiwa, @samdiano, @shine, @collinewait, @judeatu, @brucemakallan, @sheriff


Hello community humble reminder please give so assistance here.

Cc: @helpdesk1

(Rafal Korytkowski) #716

Not sure, if I understand the issue correctly, but why don’t you simply use some default values, if variables are not present?


@raff, Yes thats what I did, I passed Travis Mock URLs by using an OR statement that takes in the Environment variables and if they are not available then in the other part of the OR I passed the Mock URLs.

Please advise if thats ok.


@raff, I also managed to pass the environment variables to the React app as;



I hope that works for you.

(Rafal Korytkowski) #719

That’s ok.

Any reason you add “REACT_APP_” in front? Can you get rid of that prefix? Also please change REACT_APP_TRADITIONAL_OCL to OCL_HOST.


@raff the reason I added REACT_APP_ is because the react app can only consume variables declared in your environment if the starting with REACT_APP_. This is said in react documentation

About REACT_APP_TRADITIONAL_OCL to OCL_HOST let me change that immediately…

(collins Ijeomah) #721

@raff I will like to know if you have any suggestion on what could cause this error


@raff, I have updated this to;


Hope that works for you.

(Rafal Korytkowski) #723

If we need to keep REACT_APP then let’s make it shorter: REACT_APP_OCL_HOST.


Alright, I have updated it to;




(collins Ijeomah) #725

@raff we also have have another issue we need your assistance Thanks


Hello Community,

How do I fix a failed deploy on QA like this? I had implemented the access of the OCL_API_HOST URLs using environment variables as requested by @raff. But after the PR was merged the deploy failed.

Please help/advise because I have never faced this issue.

Cc: @helpdesk1


Thanks, @raff for the rebuild it fixed the problem.

(Cintia Del Rio) #728

Hi @judeatu,

Remember we are volunteers. Mentioning us frequently or helpdesk (an account we don’t monitor as mentioned on the account description) won’t really help.

So, a few things.

  1. Your build should provide your own configuration. I really want to remove those variables from travis. You can add environment variables to to your travis file if you want, and I don’t mind. But it’s better to keep a default value.

  2. From react docs you linked here:

    The environment variables are embedded during the build time. Since Create React App produces a static HTML/CSS/JS bundle, it can’t possibly read them at runtime.

If that’s how it’s working, that’s not what we need. We need that configuration created during runtime, before nginx starts. We want the same image in QA, STG and PRD.

You have a docker-compose file you can use to test locally, but you shouldn’t need to set that variable at all during build time.

One way I see it working would be that file ’ src/config/index.js’ is created by your docker CMD before starting the docker image. We can have an entrypoint bash script to do that.

  1. If a build fails, please try to rerun it.


Hi @cintiadr,

I apologise for the frequent mentioning. I am not going to do it again.

About the issue I have quoted above;

  1. Should I go on and try to reimplement the task so that the configuration is created during runtime before nginx starts. Or

  2. You’re going to create an entrypoint bash script to create the file ’ src/config/index.js’ by our docker CMD before starting the docker image.

(collins Ijeomah) #730

Hello community,

We will be having a demo call for the 15th OCL- Client sprint soon, kindly take some time to participate in this Doodle poll to select a suitable date and time for the 15th sprint demo call.

cc: @akanter, @darius, @c.antwi , @dkayiwa, @samdiano, @shine, @collinewait, @judeatu, @brucemakallan, @sheriff

(Cintia Del Rio) #731

Hi @judeatu,

While I wanted to help you in that, reality is that I won’t have any time until next weekend, best case scenario.

So if you could do, it would be preferable.

The way I’d do is create a shell script (e.g., and make it part of git repo and your docker image. This script should replace default.conf file with environment variables (sed for example) and after that call nginx.