Developing the "OCL for OpenMRS" Application

(Samuel George) #632

I also want to confirm that the View mapping button should be removed

(Jessica Ruff) #633

Hi Everyone,

It looks like you have been doing a TON of work over the last few months. I’m new to the concept dictionary but this looks amazing. I’m wondering how close this module is to being ready for implementation by current OpenMRS instances. I’m also wondering if there is just a demo of the whole module, not just based on the sprints for those of us that aren’t developers?



(Darius Jazayeri) #634

Yes, remove this button. We only want one way to manage mappings, and that’s within the Edit concept screen.

I don’t understand exactly which screens you’re talking about. As I mentioned above, we only want one way to manage concepts, and that’s from the Edit Concept screen.

(Darius Jazayeri) #635

Welcome @ruffjm!

The team is pushing hard to get to an alpha MVP release, though it’s hard to put an exact timeline to this.

Andela team, are you in a position to record an end-to-end demo of the major functionality?

@ruffjm, you can get a sense of what’s targeted for the MVP from the original design document:

Also, can we perhaps leverage you to do some user testing? It would be wonderful if we can give you a login to the QA server with the latest version of this code, so you can attempt to perform one or two of the main dictionary management tasks that you’d generally want to perform, and then share a journal of what worked and what didn’t. (Even better would be if we could do a screen & audio recording of this, but I’ll let you comment on whether you have time and bandwidth for this.)

(Andrew Kanter) #636

Darius, I am concerned that there is no way to view the concept except by editing. Should this be a view/edit button that shows everything about the concept and allows editing? As for the remove button, I don’t understand what this is actually doing in the back end. I presume this is just removing the map between the concept and the other concept, but does not remove the other concept from the dictionary, correct?

(Darius Jazayeri) #637

I agree with you that we should have view as distinct from edit.

But for the MVP it’s enough to let people “view” the concept by going to the edit screen that exists now, and then click cancel without actually editing anything.

(Jessica Ruff) #638

Happy to test. Please PM the details.


(Samuel George) #639

Your response to my second question has clarified that. Thank you

(Darius Jazayeri) #640

@ruffjm can you share what your main user flow is? E.g. does it align with “create an implementation dictionary that mostly inherits concepts from CIEL, but also creates some custom ones of your own”?

@andela team, is someone on your end interested in running a user test? (At a minimum that would mean scheduling a call and recording it.)

(Jessica Ruff) #641

I think our main work flow will be part of the mvp+. But let me describe it. Ampath has been using OpenMRS since the beginning. Right now our main concept workflow is to check our local dictionary for concepts. If not found we check the CIEL dictionary. If still not found, we check LONIC or other standard dictionaries and base our new concepts one those. Right now we are attempting to digitize all of the Kenya MoH forms so I’m also interested in two features. Bulk upload of concepts using JSON (1 MoH form is about 60 concepts, and many of them aren’t in a standard dictionary.) the second I would be interested in is copying concepts from other dictionaries. It looks like palladium has update a lot of the kenyaEMR dictionary and it would be great to add those concepts to ours.


(Darius Jazayeri) #642

@ruffjm, hmm, I’m not sure how much what we’re building will really support those use cases in the short run, but maybe worth exploring.

We don’t have any bulk upload of concepts (though the back-end OCL API does have a JSON-based REST API that might work).

Copying from other dictionaries (or really linking to someone else’s concept) is a key use case we do target, but it would require the other person/org to have their dictionary in OCL first.

Reading this highlights one important thing that I included in the original mockups but have since neglected to prioritize is that the Dictionary Concepts screen needs to have a search bar, i.e. so you can search within your own dictionary. (@andela team, is there a JIRA ticket for this? Let’s raise the priority of this.)

@andela team, please communicate with @ruffjm and have her walk through the system while you take notes.

(Bruce Makaaru) #643

@darius There’s currently a Ticket and Pull Request, “OCLOMRS-432: Add search function on dictionary concepts page” which will take care of the dictionary search. We’ll have a team sync then communicate with @ruffjm

(collins Ijeomah) #644

Hi @ruffjm, The andela team will like to know when you will be available so that the team can take you through a demo of the features on OCL @darius @dkayiwa

(Jessica Ruff) #645

I’m in Kenya till end of June. And free anytime with advanced notice.

(collins Ijeomah) #646

Hello, community

This is a reminder of the OCL-client team and POs weekly sync (Thursdays 6pm - 7pm EAT). I will share a link to the call 15minutes before the call. kindly attend if you can make it.

cc: @dkayiwa, @samdiano, @sheriff, @brucemakallan, @judeatu, @c.antwi, @akanter, @darius, @alexkayabula

(collins Ijeomah) #647

Here is the link to the call (Weekly sync) .

cc: @darius, @akanter, @dkayiwa, @samdiano, @sheriff, @stonecoder, @brucemakallan, @judeatu,

(Andrew Kanter) #648

Sorry that I could not make it today. I still was holding Friday for this week given my unavailability for today. Next Thursday should be OK. Was there a recording of today’s call?

(Allan Guwatudde) #649

Hello @ball,

Here’s a screenshot of what the preview card for a concept will look like when the locales are added alongside the synonyms. Is this how you wanted it to look like.

Looking forward to your feedback.

CC: @darius @dkayiwa @shine @brucemakallan @judeatu @samdiano @tbirungi @florentina

(Ellen Ball) #650

I like it. It seems much clearer. Thanks @sherrif

(Andrew Kanter) #651

Agree! Like to see it posted to QA so we can see it more with other examples.

Thanks! Andy