Developing the "OCL for OpenMRS" Application

(Muhozi Emery) #344

@darius Thanks for pointing this out. Before it was thought that we should have one sprint board with all issues. But after your feedback, It was changed, we have one active sprint board, the other one was closed. Now, you can check the board with the issues that will be worked on during this sprint here.

Regarding UAT, Yes, We’ll take time and pass through and closing anything that’s clear without any feedback and give you the list of the tickets ready for UAT. From now on, once the work is completed and showcased we’ll close its ticket.

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(Muhozi Emery) #345

Hello Everyone,

We are about to finish 10th sprint of OCL for OpenMRS, and we are looking to demonstrate what has been during this sprint.

We’ll appreciate your availability and hear from you about what has been done. So, we’re requesting you to vote for the demo day. Please vote the demo here

For what we have been working during this sprint, check the following resources:

10th Sprint of OCL for OpenMRS Announcement

10th Sprint of OCL for OpenMRS Wiki Page

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(Daniel Kayiwa) #346

Will you also give a text summary, with screenshots, for what has been accomplished, for those who may not attend the demo or have time listening to the recording?

(Muhozi Emery) #347

@dkayiwa Yes, I’ll do.

(Muhozi Emery) #348


Thanks to everyone who voted for the demo day. The time voted for the Demo of tenth Sprint is Monday, 5th November from 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM EAT. The calendar event will be created soon and you can join the demo using the following link:

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(Muhozi Emery) #349


Due to the service we’re using, the new sprint demo call link will be shared before 30 min of the Demo time. Sorry for the for the inconvenience.

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(John Joshua Abulo) #350


I would like to know which API endpoint I can use to implement a search through sources in the OpenMRS Open Concept Lab, I would like to get done with a task in this JIRA ticket but even after going through the OpenMRS OCL API documentation, I still cannot seem to find the API endpoint I can use to successfully finish complete the JIRA ticket.

(Muhozi Emery) #351

Hello everyone,

I would like to let you know that we’re preparing for the release of OCL for OpenMRS MVP :rocket:. In this previous sprint, we were implementing the feedback we have received in the last demo. and I want to raise a blocker that hindered us from releasing the MVP on time and we would like to share it with you because we want to release MVP in this next sprint. The blocker is related to the UI/UX. In fact, we have the wireframes without mockups and this led to bad app UI/UX inconsistency. We can use tools like Figma for making the mockups, where a team can collaborate and agree on the UI including almost every detail like fonts and colors. One of the advantages using such a tool is that any stakeholder can use the tool to make suggestions, this can reduce the time we spend to rework on the UI.

Regarding this blocker, there are some tickets that waited to be discussed on because there are changes that have made which are different from the wireframes.

We’ll appreciate you to share what you think about this, here or during the demo call.

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(Muhozi Emery) #352


I would like to remind you that the tenth sprint demo will start in next 15min, you can join the demo using the following Google hangout link:

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(Ellen Ball) #353

@muhozi Any chance this is recorded?

(Ian Duncan Abidha) #354

Hello Community,

We are excited to announce the eleventh sprint for Open Concept Lab for OpenMRS(OCLOMRS). The sprint planning session is scheduled for tomorrow on Tuesday from 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM EAT(East African Time). I will update you with the link to the session call 30 minutes before.


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(Muhozi Emery) #355

Thanks for everyone who attended the tenth sprint demo. For those who were not able to attend the demo call here is the video record:

@ball yes it was recorded.

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(Muhozi Emery) #356

Here is the summary of the tickets that were worked on in the previous sprint:

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(Ellen Ball) #357

Some basic testing of OCL for OpenMRS. These are some very nice features and many things that work, but there are some issues:

Create a new concept

  1. Message says to set organizations in OCL. I have plenty of organizations in OCL, but they don’t appear in OCL for OpenMRS. (figure 1 and 1a)
  2. Won’t save a new synonym, and the error message isn’t helpful. It should be possible. (Figure 2)
  3. Language doesn’t save. When you return to edit the concept, the language is always English. (Figure 3)
  4. It does not save an incorrect uuid (ie. 777), but it does show an error.
  5. It’s good that you are using “Language” instead of “Locale” but then it’s inconsistent with using “Preferred in locale”. Pick one: locale or language.

Add a concept

  1. There should be better paging thru long list of concepts. It only allows >> and << but should allow first, last, and associated number of 20 concept groups (Figure 5). Maybe even allow the user to change the number for default (20) to 50 or 100 concepts (next phase).
  2. Allow view of all concepts from this page. If the concept is not editable (ie. because it’s from CIEL?), it should still allow a view. There should be a way to expand to see all the names and uuid. (Figure 6).

Figure 1

ocl-err1a Figure 1a

Figure 2

Figure 3

Figure 5

Figure 6

FYI @darius

(Muhozi Emery) #358

@ball Thanks for the feedback. We’ll work on those issues.

(Darius Jazayeri) #359

It’s possible this is a bug in the traditional OCL UI. Do you really belong to all those organizations, or is that screen just listing all orgs in the system?

What does this mean? What’s your expected behavior?

I agree that this is at least a nice-to-have. And if the widget they’re using makes it trivial to add in the individual page links, sure they should do that. But is it a real use case to want to page through 1200 concepts (or 60000 in the real CIEL)? Wouldn’t you just search?

Good point I had not thought of this when I did the initial wireframes!

(Ian Duncan Abidha) #360

Hello Community,

I would like to remind you that the eleventh sprint planning will start in next 5min, you can join the demo using the following Google hangout link:

(Ian Duncan Abidha) #361

Thanks everyone who attended the sprint planning. Those who missed it can find the recorded video here.

(Ellen Ball) #362

Answering @darius questions:

  1. Organizations in OCL: Not sure about belonging to all those organizations, but the page says “Organization Membership”, so it would lead me to think that I belong to them.
  2. uuid: When I edit a uuid, I would expect that if I enter something besides a 36 character alphanumeric value, it would not save it AND display an error/warning message (ie. “The uuid must be a 36 character alphanumeric value”.

(Muhozi Emery) #363

Hello Community,

We want to look into some OCL API issues we’re facing and I was trying to deploy OCL web locally to carry out some functionalities needed to work with OCL API. But I’m getting the following error:

Is there any step I’m missing?

I successfully deployed OCL API locally.

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