Developing the "OCL for OpenMRS" Application

(Alex Mochu) #243

@andy Thank you for the clarification.

(Alex Mochu) #244

@darius Thanks for the response. I now get the whole picture. That would mean we will have “copy concepts from another dictionary” link removed from that dictionary overview page and instead implement the “Start a new implementation dictionary by making a copy of an existing starter template” when creating a new dictionary.

(Kelvin Kariuki) #245

@darius Okay. So, when on the Q-A create concept form a user supplies either the “to_concept_url” for internal mappings and the “to_source_url” for external mappings and these are now are the answers to the question concept? cc @alexmochu @emmabaye @muhozi @michy

(Darius Jazayeri) #246

Hey team, I realize that I’m participating in a workshop during the scheduled demo time, so I’m going to miss it. Let’s try to find time to catch up later in the week.

(Or, if any of you will still be online 3 hours after the demo’s scheduled start time, I can talk then.)

(Alex Mochu) #247

Hello @darius, we can do both of them. I will still be online 3 hours after the demo we can talk then. I will also schedule another Team sync where you will catch up with the rest of the team. How does Thursday, 5pm - 6pm EAT sound?

(Darius Jazayeri) #248

@nesh, the end user should get a nice user-friendly UI like “Possible answers to this question: (select concepts autocomplete widget)”. The urls should be invisible to them.

We will only support answers that are actual concepts in OCL, i.e. we will only support internal mappings, and not external ones.

(Alex Mochu) #249

Hello Community , Please be reminded that the Sprint 7 Demo will be taking place from 5-6pm EAT. I will share the Demo Call link here at least 30 mins before kickoff.

cc @dkayiwa @nesh @emmabaye @muhozi @michy @akanter

(Alex Mochu) #250

Hello, Please be reminded that we are having the demo in about 15 minutes: Could you follow the link below:

cc @dkayiwa @emmabaye @muhozi @michy @nesh @akanter @darisu

(Alex Mochu) #251

Hello everyone, Thank you for attending the Sprint 7 demo and giving feedback. In case you missed it you can follow the link below:

(Alex Mochu) #252

Please find below the summary of most of the tasks worked on in Sprint 7:

(Alex Mochu) #253

Hey everyone.

We are excited to announce the eighth sprint for Open Concept Lab for OpenMRS(OCLOMRS). The sprint planning session will take place tomorrow(Wednesday 5th August) at 5pm-6pm EAT. I will be sharing the Jira Board and wiki for this sprint before the call. I will also share the video link for the call at-least 30 minutes to the call.

cc @darius @dkayiwa @nesh @emmabaye @michy @muhozi

(Daniel Kayiwa) #254

@alexmochu can you redo the summary like the past apprentices used to, all on talk (without the google doc)?

(Darius Jazayeri) #255

Nice to see the progress!

Please do make sure there’s a (high-priority) ticket so that when you edit a concept, the collection is modified to include a reference to the new version, instead of the original version. (This should also remove/add mappings from the collection so that it includes all the mappings from the new concept version. There may be a tricky corner cases here*.)

[*] potential tricky corner case…

  • you create two concepts in your dictionary:
    • concept A is “your favorite color”; it’s a question with answers “red”, “green”, and “blue” (which you have chosen from CIEL)
    • concept B is “colors of the rainbow”; it’s a set with members “red”, “orange”, etc (which you have chosen from CIEL)
  • as a result, your dictionary actually contains ~10 concepts (A, B, and all the colors)
  • edit concept A and remove “red” as an option (call the new version of this “A1”)
  • at this point
    • the collection should still contain “red”
    • the collection should not contain the mapping from A to “red”

(Alex Mochu) #256

Below are the past examples I could find of summaries done by past apprentices. I have not seen one that is done without a doc. Could you perhaps direct me to one so that I can understand how it should look like.

(Alex Mochu) #257

This has been noted. We will look into this as a team and see how we can implement the above feedback.

(Alex Mochu) #258


This is a reminder that we will be holding our eighth splint planning session in the next hour. To join please follow the link below.

Google hangout Link -->

Jira Board -->

Wiki -->

cc @dkayiwa @darius @emmabaye @muhozi @michy @nesh

(Alex Mochu) #259

Hello everyone,

Thank you for attending the eighth Sprint Planning session. In case you missed it you can follow the link below:

cc @darius @dkayiwa @akanter

(Muhozi Emery) #260

Hello community, Last week I was onboarding on OCL client project, after going through the codebase I listed few simple things that we can implement(technically). and I would like to share them and know what you think about them.

  • I suggest that we use sass so that we will be able to customise Bootstrap. And this will help us to have design consistency across the application(colors,…).
  • In OCL client project I found that JQuery is being used alongside React(Which is the main library we’re using)
  • Remove bootstrap JS, Popper JS (Which I found them not necessary) as the project is using react-bootstrap
  • I have seen mixed dependencies in package.json sometimes, this can cause big size of production bundle of the app. Even though webpack is being used but I find this to be a good practice.


CC: @dkayiwa @alexmochu @nesh @emmabaye @michy

(Alex Mochu) #261

That is a very good observation. The right thing to do here would be to document the above as bugs/enhancement on the JIRA board(I can assist on this) so the team can look at them and perhaps work on them. I don’t how the rest of the team feels about this

@nesh @michy @emmabaye

(Emmanuel Abaye) #262

Nice work @muhozi. However I think there might be no need to customize Bootstrap as styles can be overridden. Also considering that other developers will take over from where we stop. Also I think all the features of the application should be tested to check if any functionality broke as a result of the changes you are about to make. cc: @dkayiwa @alexmochu @nesh @michy @muhozi